Posted by: ihlos | December 9, 2008

Taking on the old school

mandokir I love to hear these stories about taking on the old school content. While this one doesn’t quite qualify as a feat, it’s a great read. There is just something about taking on content undermanned that draws us hunter’s like moth’s to the flame.

It started out of boredom on a Friday night, Myself and Ironlungs decided to head over to the Eastern Kingdom to try and get ourselves a Tiger mount. After trying with no luck to lfg in our respective guilds we decided to see how far we could get by ourselves. Just the two of us, and our pets.

For Jeklik and Venoxis, I was using my Gorilla; Braytac. Ironlungs was using his Lynx all through out. Jeklik gave us little run for her money; only because she kept healing. Viper strings and Snake traps helped sort that out as soon as we caught on. Venoxis went down easy with no hassles at all.

We took a detour in an attempt to grab the Raptor mount as well

After two wipes on the Bloodlord, i ran to Grom’gal and switched out Braytac for Dex, my Frostsaber. We decided then to took down his Raptor as quickly as possible and then deal with him. A Heart of the Phoenix each, a pot, and a few bandages we were standing over his corpse, no mount unfortunately.

We then moved on to Thekal. This is where it got tricky. After the tiger adds were taken care of, we set both pets onto Thekal, while we MD’d the two Zealots to the pets. Keeping up the mend pets we dps’d the Zealots down while the cat took care of Thekal. It seemed to be working until a few big heals were used. With Heart of the Phoenix on CD and an imminet wipe on coming. We feigned death and let the pets die for the greater good.

We needed some help, so with the spirit of the run now being “lets show the world (of warcraft) the we hunters can do pretty much anything”, we called upon another Hunter pal of ours to come and help. Iron, Morna and their pets took on a Zealot each while Dex and Myself took care of Thekal. It did the trick.

No Swift Zulian Tiger, but i think the idea of the run went beyond that at that stage.

With Mar’li, Arlok, and Hakkor still standing and two days until the raid resets, we intend to head back in and see just how well we hunters fare.




  1. I just finished all for the original five mans and blackrock spires. After I hit 80 and gear up a bit I plan on trying to go in there as well.

    Did you guys try downing Hakkar? Ever since I saw that a Death Knight soloed him, I’ve been anxious to try it.

  2. We never did end up taking down Hakkor during that reset period, conflicting schedules and power outages from thunderstorms stopped us. Im away and wowless at the moment, but its certainly something we’ll attempt later next week.

    It was fun to say the least.

  3. I did a full clear this week on ZG to get my old school raid achievement done, plus my gf wanted the tiger, and I wanted the raptor.

    The party was me and a holy priest for the raptor (healers are cheating, I know ;)), and then a friend of ours came along for the fun the rest of the run, a frostfire mage.

    The only boss we didn’t take down was the random summon boss, oh and not the fish boss either.

    I have to say, the most fun fight was Jin’do, the Hexxer. Every once in a while he puts down a mind control totem. And when you are only 3 people there, it can be hard to actually kill the totems in time (especially with one of us being a healer) before he puts down the next, and then, well… the next. It happened a few times during the fight that we all three got MC:ed. Pet’s are immune to MC, so once we were all mindcontrolled we couldn’t do anything until the pet died. When that happens, the totems gets removed and Jin’do starts attacking us instead of resetting.

    So, I simply ressed the pet and we went on the same way as before. This happened three times or so.

    The last time it happened Jin’do was on 8% and my pet soloed the last of the boss, leaving us still MC:ed because the totems didn’t despawn. And if that wasn’t enough, even though we tried our best to kill the pet, it first killed the healer. Then it ran for the mage (which was grouped up with the AoE skeletons). With my pet at less than 10% HP I though, YES, the skeletons are probably going to manage to kill it with the help of me and the mage (who were attacking it the whole time). But the first thing it does when it reaches the mage is a stomp, killing all the skeletons in one hit ^^. It then finishes of the mage, with about 5% HP, and it starts running for me. I have full HP at the time and I’m thinking that yes, I should be able to kill it before it kill me.

    But guess what ability the MC decided to use… Mend Pet! And it actually heals the pet ^^

    So in the end, the pet soloed Jin’do, a priest, a mage and its owner. We laughed so much that we cried all three of us.

    At this time, the priest and the mage releases with me staying in so the boss doesn’t despawn or something, and I was a bit worried because the totems didn’t despawn at first, and if they had entered with them still up they would get immediately MC:ed, but luckily they seem to despawn after 5 minutes. So after that we got our loot and then went on and killed Hakkar, getting myself the old school raid achievement =) First time I fought Hakkar ^^ Never liked the place pre-TBC and only killed the side bosses a few times.

  4. […] love their ZG I got this email, perhaps inspired by previous article taking on the old school, outlining some zg solo efforts. I don’t know what it is about that place that people still […]

  5. I managed to solo Thekal at lvl80 with a Gorilla, so its definetly possible to farm the two rare mounts in ZG with a hunter šŸ™‚

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