Posted by: ihlos | December 15, 2008

Let it Snow

snowball Ok, I’m a little late to the party, but the snow is operational. I had meant to take the results on friday, but this weekend my wife’s sister got married, and we spent the majority of the last 4 days helping out.

The results of the vote were fairly decisive, 55% for, 22% against, and 23% neutral. So, let the snow fall. I’ll leave the poll up, and if you changed your mind you can vote again (cookie based restriction on repeat votes) If the results flip flop we can turn it off. It will be up until christmas or there abouts and then I’ll turn it off again. Who wants snow at your new years party?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote! I think it was a fun little experiment. Stay tuned, I’ve got a new gear wishlist post later today or maybe tomorrow.

Happy Holidays,




  1. Wow, it even follows your mouse!

  2. Appropriate, since it seems to be snowing everywhere else, including outside my window right now. So, tell us how the wedding went. Did anyone get rip-roaring and embarrass themselves? Were there any “who invited them?!” moments?

  3. No big embarrasing moments that I saw. The ring bearer fell over mid ceremony, poor little guy wasnt feeling so good. The caterer at the wedding wanted to charge extra for more punch halfway through the reception. Other than that it was alot of fun and I must say the church had some very intriguing decorations, unlike any i’ve seen before. Very cool.

  4. Intriguing like very suggestive themes, or just very decorative?

  5. Oh, talking about new features and such. Any more thoughts on a forum? I know I have some questions in general that I’d like to ask that would fit the public more than your rhino.

    For example, how to deal with the fireballs on solo Onyxia. =) Can only get her to about 50% before getting killed by the fireballs. Still, that’s halfway through phase 2.

    …I think I just came up with a possible solution now that I wrote the question out on “paper”.

    Scryer version of the SSO healer neck
    It procs off of bandage ticks, meaning 600 (with a chance to crit) extra heal from a bandage.

    Trinket: Talisman of the alliance
    Heals ~900 HP with a chance to crit (2 min CD)

    Trinket: Vial of the Sunwell (MgT HC drop)
    Every heal you do give the trinket 100 charges up to 2000 charges that heals your target on use. (2min cooldown)

    All three relatively easy to get hold of. Then some FR gear to lessen the damage as well would be nice. Her fireballs are resistable, yes?

    When I was there last night my dps kept the gorilla topped at all times with my t5 set bonus, so nerfing my dps and stamina with some old gear really shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

  6. Intriguing visually, but not suggestive. The colors were black and white. The isle runner was black on white and to the left and right of the bride and groom were what looked like birch trees with no leaves on them. It was a winter theme but it was very interesting. Normally such things are very boring.

    In regards to a forum, I have looked into it a bit, and I may be able to setup a free one thats linked to the site, without annoying ads. If anyone has a free forum service they could reccomend, that would be great.

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