Posted by: ihlos | December 16, 2008

Hunters love their ZG

mandokir I got this email, perhaps inspired by previous article taking on the old school, outlining some zg solo efforts. I don’t know what it is about that place that people still love after two expansions, but it does have its charm.

Hello Ihlos,

I have found a way to solo several ZG bosses, I’m hoping to solo the whole thing at one point. I use a Ghost Hydra as my pet.
The bosses I have taken down:
Bloodlord Mandokir.
To bring down the bloodlord (Raptor boss) I first kill the speaker whle my pet is dismissed. Once the speaker is dead, I then feign death to de-agro the boss. Now he is sitting at the bottom of his pyrimid on his raptor. I then take an invisibility potion and run past him to the top of the pyrimid then jump down onto one of the ledges, putting me in an evade spot. I summon my pet and eyes of the beast it to the bottom, just outside the boss’s aggro range.
Now for the fight itself. I MD my pet and shoot at the boss ONLY, not attacking the raptor at all. Once all 3 shots of MD have been used, only then make a multishot. This will hit the raptor, who will look at me but not attack (Cause it’ll be in evade mode). Now it’s just a long tank and spank fight where I need to keep mend pet up at all times, not for the healing, but to keep agro on the raptor. Once the boss is down, I FD and the raptor goes to my pet. At this point it’s easy to take down the raptor.

The other two bosses are Venoxis, (who is easy, just watch for poison cloud in phase 2) and the fished boss, who is just tank and spank with FD/shadow meld/taunt whenever it de-agros my pet.

I do have 2 pieces of hunter t5 wich helps a lot in tanking
I don’t have screenshots at the moment, but I can take some on my next run. I might even fraps it and make a video.
I farm ZG each reset in the hope of getting a raptor mount.

I’ll try to get you some screenshots and maby a fraps video.
Till then…

~~Jaffer Roshak



  1. That is all kinds of ninja.

    Honestly, I never would of thought that far, into using the evade spot and the invis potion?

  2. That sounds exactly like something that could get one in trouble. I’m sure it wasn’t intended for someone to kill the boss from that location and it could be considered an exploit. I’d use caution…

  3. The evade spot was used by a warlock to solo the raptor boss on lvl 70 already. And since it’s an exploit, I don’t think it can be counted as a true achievement.

  4. I have solo’d all of the main bosses in ZG successfully with a Gorilla tank, and using 2pc T5. Hardest by far is Arlokk and dealing with the amount of panthers that come, and having very few heals and timing of your cooldowns.

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