Posted by: ihlos | December 22, 2008

Potato Passed – First Commenter

bread So, the “hot potato” has been passed to me, among others, by Faeldray over at petoholics anonymous, and in the interests of getting this hearty, yet scalding, sustenance food out of my hands, I’ll accept and pass it along.

I hereby thank my first commenter, which just so happens to be Pike from over at Aspect of the Hare, commenting on Turtle Testing.

I still wasn’t sure if pet tanking was even going to be viable, and I was more than a little discouraged by my first solo attempt of Utgarde Keep in the beta. But I took an appropriate leveled turtle into an instance with a proper healer, and everything went alot better. Needless to say I was feeling alot better after that run.

So, I think, in honor of my first commenter, I will promptly pass the piping hot potato to my primary patron, pike. Perhaps it will prove to promote a positive purveyance of the potato passing.



  1. Too late. She was in on the start of the commenting much earlier! Nice to know who the first commenter was though.

    Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

  2. Pet tanking has really taken off more than I thought it would. Love the pet feats!

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