Posted by: ihlos | December 26, 2008


candy-cane I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I know I am, but things have been super busy. I haven’t had any time to play, test, or write for the last week or so. I have turned the snow off, and I would like to again thank everyone who participated for helping me test out the polling feature.

Ive got some stuff I’m working on, and as soon as things calm down you can bet I’ll have some more stuff coming out. In the meantime, one of our frequent posters and accomplished pet tankers, Nordh, has won a holiday movie contest, so check it out!

Happy Holidays,




  1. On the subject of me and movies. I have frapsed the tanking of (2 of the) 4 horsemen and Kel’Thuzad’s adds at 40% in 10 man Naxx. I just need to put them together.

    I’m not sure I should post the KT kill though. The healer died at around 10%, which resulted in my pet dying, so it’s really not a clean kill. What do you think about it? Worth posting anyhow?

  2. Oh, btw, the direct link to my xmas movie is:

  3. I’ve been pet tanking the two caster horsemen in Naxx 10 for a few weeks now and for some reason it didn’t even occur to me to submit it. O_o I’ll have to remember to SS next time.

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