Posted by: ihlos | December 29, 2008

Frost Resistance Set

ring You may have noticed that there is a strong focus on frost resist gear and enchants, and very little in the way of resistances for anything else. A frost resistance set will come in handy on the last two bosses of Naxxramas, and will probably have use in later content once it is opened up. So lets look at whats needed, and whats out there.

Here is the link to wowwiki’s explanation of Resistance Mechanics.

Quickly, the resistance cap against a level 83 target is 415, which provides you 75% damage reduction.

Your pet gets 1 resistance point per level, and so will have 80 FR at level 80.
Your pet also gets 40% of your resistances.
So you would have to have 838 Frost Resist to cap your pet’s Frost Resist.

While its easy to cap yourself at 415, its fairly difficult to cap your pet.

The following gear is available in the expansion:
Icy Scale Boots (86 FR)
Icy Scale Belt (86 FR)
Icy Scale Chestguard (115 FR)
Titanium Frostguard Ring (68 FR)

and the following enchants:
Arcanum of the Frosty Soul (25 FR)
Scroll of Enchant Cloak – Frost Resistance (20 FR)
Fur Lining – Frost Resistance (Leatherworking Only – 60 FR)

and the following buffs from players:
Shamans, for Frost Resist Totem (130 FR)
Paladins, for Frost Resistance Aura (130 FR)
Druids, for Mark of the Wild (54 FR, 76FR with talents)
These effects do not stack with each other, but they will “double dip”, that is, the pet can receive the benefit for itself, and receive a portion from your buff.

Old world Frost Resist items include:
The Frozen Eye (35 FR)
Flask of Chromatic Wonder (35 FR)
Pendant of Thawing (30 FR)
Glacial Cloak (24 FR)
Magic Resistance Potion (50 FR for 3 minutes)

The four piece set gives you 355 FR. Add in the Arcanum and Cloak enchant, and you are looking at 400 FR. At this point any more frost resist is going to benefit your pet only, since you are almost at the cap. Your pet should have 240 at this point.

130 from Shaman/Paladin, 182 if you both have the buff.
76 from Druid, 106 if you both have the buff.

So you are looking at 346 or 422, if you have Druid or a Shaman/Paladin in your group, respectively. Again, these effects do not stack with each other . If you arent fortunate enough to have one of these classes, you cannot reach the cap.

If you have the Shaman or Paladin, your pet is at the cap at this point. Congrats! If you dont have either, but you do have a Druid, you could still close the gap with the old world items, but at the cost of other stats. I would not recommend this unless you know you are not going to have a Shaman or a Paladin on a regular basis.

If you take the time to build this set, and the raid’s tanks do not, your pet could be the better option for that fight, so there is an opportunity there.

Let the Hunt begin!




  1. My guild has vowed to let me tank the first attempt at Sapphiron this week, and perhaps a second if the pet proves himself yet capable.

  2. As I have gotten away from pet tanking, I can’t be absolutely positive but…..On our 10man and 25man Naxx runs, basicly everyone only uses the three crafted pieces……tanks included. This means that bonus, with raid buffs, SHOULD (in theory) be enough for a tank pet also. But like I say, I have not tried this out. Just some food for thought. Make of it what you will.

    Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

  3. A slight bit more to add, and that is that paladins also have three resistance auras (frost, fire, and shadow) that can be juggled as necessary. They provide 130 resist to each school while active. They don’t stack with the Shaman and Druid resistance buffs, but again you do get the “double dip” effect to muster up a decent 182 or so school resistance.

    Keep in mind that the shaman max rank resist totems are actually also 130 rather than 85 (85 is the level 75 rank, 130 is the level 80 rank). That’s a pretty significant increase in building your pet’s resistances!

  4. Just a note about your first paragraph, only if you are main tanking Kel’Thuzad you will need frost res in that fight, otherwise you can use your normal gear.

    Durante, good luck! I hope my guild lets my try that as well =)

  5. Thanks Naidira, I totally missed that. That’s what I get for rushing it. Ive corrected it. 🙂

  6. Durante, I tried tanking Sapphiron today. My pet had 25K HP, and 330 or so Frost Resistance. The only problem is that he does a cleave that hits for 15K. Granted, we had off spec healers, but that’s quite hard to heal if it comes together with a lot of other stuff.

    We only did one try, just to see how well it would work, and seeing that pets are immune to icebomb and get -75% AoE damage, plus have a rather high resistance, it should be a fight that’s doable. But unfortunately that cleave will be a hard obstacle to overcome.

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