Posted by: ihlos | December 30, 2008

Ask a Rhino: Focus

dampen-magic Today’s entry comes to us from Daniel. There are a few frequent readers named Daniel, and I have no way of distinguishing them for you, but you know who you are. Anyways, lets get to it!

Daniel: My question is, I’m looking to maximize the aoe tanking of my pet so I can aoe pull things a lot faster (and eventually hold aggro over good players). So Thunderstomp is every 10 seconds, when I get 3/3 Longevity it will be every 7 seconds. So ideally for AoE threat, I need to produce 20 focus every 7 seconds to ensure I have enough focus to cast it every 10 seconds. What is the focus generation formula, so I can figure out how safe it is to add growl into the rotation. With and without the focus regen talents. Also, I don’t think I can go into MM at level 80 with my ideal spec, but if its necessary to pick up go for the throat, so I could even add in smack. Thanks!

Ohta: Great question Daniel. Personally, i find it hard to focus after a good meal, but I doubt that will affect your pet, that’s probably unique to me.

Your pet generates 24.5 focus every four seconds. Bestial Discipline increases your focus regeneration rate by 100%, or 49 focus every four seconds.

So, we can readily deduce that you can autocast Thunderstomp with or without the focus regeneration talent and be at 80-100 focus perpetually. This also means that you could manually add in other moves and your focus would fill back up.

Now lets throw in growl and see what happens. Growl is 15 focus, 5 second cooldown. With longevity that becomes a 3.5 second cooldown. At this point we have two Growls and one Thunderstomp every 7 seconds, costing 50 focus.

Without Bestial Discipline, the pet generates 49 focus in 8 seconds, or 42.875 focus in 7 seconds. You would slowly lose focus, at a rate of about 1 focus a second. You would see the autocasts delayed sometime around 1 min 30 sec.

With Bestial Discipline you generate 98 focus every 8 seconds, or 85.75 focus every 7 seconds. With Thunderstomp and Growl on autocast, you would be topped off, and have a surplus of about 5 focus per second.

If you add in Smack, it will just eat your focus up as it has no cooldown, save the global cooldown. If you get Go For the Throat, you should probably add in Smack to put the extra focus to use, but it may mean that you miss a Growl or Thunderstomp occasionally, during crit dry spells.

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  1. So basically you only need one point in Bestial Discipline to keep focus up 24/7 if you are only using growl and thunderstomp.

    I never calced that out, being lazy and all, but that basically means I can go respec and get another talent in somewhere else =)

  2. I wouldn’t underestimate how much damage hunter pets deal with their focus dumps. Bestial Discipline and GFTT are among the best talents DPS wise until pets get “focus capped”

  3. My tank spec doesn’t have GftT at the moment, and I don’t wanna use the aggro dump manually. Using it automatically means a lot less aggro.

  4. Very interesting, you can see that the extra focus from the last point would be 24.5 focus every four seconds, which is roughly equal to the focus cost of the focus dump, meaning you would get one extra focus dump every four seconds due to the talent.

    The average damage of the dump is 143, ocurring once every four seconds is 35 dps. If you could put that point in a more impactful place it would be put to better use. If you hadn’t capped Kindred Spirits I think that would get you more bang for your buck.

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