Posted by: ihlos | January 7, 2009

Pet Feat: Magister’s Terrace (S)

I knew it was only a matter of time before us hunter’s felt the itch and started soloing the harder burning crusade content. Here’s the first of a few I’ve got.


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
Group: Solo

Details: This instance starts out easy enough. There are no big threats overall before the second boss. The second boss however, that can be a very close call. Make sure you AoE the packs before it to get 25 stacks of the buff that gives you extra damage. You’ll need every second of it. Be fast with the pull after the last pack because it doesn’t last very long. I just kept dps:ing the boss and whenever one of the sparkly thingies came for me I either FD:ed or sent the Gorilla on them. I tried this boss on lvl 78 and got him to 25%, this time I killed him with only 150HP to spare ^^ *phew* If you fail the first try, count on it being very hard the second time around when you don’t have the extra dps buff.

The trash before the third boss can be rather annoying. Sometimes you can do just fine and the pet doesn’t lose that much HP, other times *splat* because of some annoying debuffs. The third boss was easier than I expected. Freezing arrow in the middle/towards the section where the melee are (I had warrior, rogue, mage and another caster of some sort that had engineering I think). Nuke the priest down asap and then move back from the melee, killing them while moving. Feign Death every now and then to get them to attack the pet instead. Usually you kill casters first, but since you’re resisting so much it’s better if you let them just stand and shoot. Move out of any AoE that hits. I couldn’t loot the boss when the fight was over, not sure why.

Kael’Thas is really not that hard. I just kited and killed the phoenix as I did on lvl 70. It respawned just before gravity lapse, so it was shooting me from the floor the whole time, but I decided to nuke Kael anyhow. The pet survive easily on the floor compared to how it was at lvl 70, so no big threat there. So all in all, if you get past the second boss, you’re most likely going to finish the rest of the instance. With perhaps the minor annoyance of wiping on a trashpack because FD is on cooldown *cough*

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  1. Don’t tell me I missed the picture AGAIN? =P

  2. I just noticed an error in the story, it’s supposed to be lvl 78, not 68, when I tried the instance the first time. I still haven’t gotten used to the new level cap 😉

  3. Fixed and Fixed =D

  4. […] that neglect? Let me tell you why I didn’t get him out last night. While I was in work I read this post about a hunter doing MgT solo with the gorilladin, and I got an itch. I’ve now got 49 […]

  5. Oh, something I didn’t mention earlier. I got hold of a GM about the issue of not being able to loot the third boss and it’s a bug that they are aware of.

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