Posted by: ihlos | January 8, 2009

Pet Feat: Gundrak – Heroic (MT)

Its nice to see that we are still taking on the heroic dungeons, as alot of them can be quite difficult. This one comes to us from the author of a hunter blog in spanish.


Who: Vetustha (80) of Dun Modr (Spanish)
Pet: Habuvilyloh (80 Gorilla)
80 Druid (Resto)
80 Priest (Holy)
80 Rogue
80 Shaman

Comments: Yesterday we could tank all heroic Gun’drak, with all achievements included.

The last achievement (Share the love) was really the only difficult, because all members need to be impaled. At 20% I died, so Habuvilyloh despawned, but a rogue tank is a rogue tank xD and got the last impale before the boss died.

Definetively a funny night, /bow Habuvilyloh.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
No additional submission to date



  1. Awesome job making the achievements. The last boss is really hard to tank with a pet on Heroic because of the insane burst damage.

    Did both the priest and the druid heal the whole time, or was it some kind of holy dps priest?

  2. Hi, I’m Vetustha fromo con O sin Semilia.

    The priest was holy. Both resto and priest were mainly healing and dpsing whenever they coud.

    We started this adventure just for laughing and we ended doing almost all heroic achievements.

    Now we’re working on Gotta Go, 3% the best try, but it’s a “lucky achievement”, depending on the boss casting.

    Some more of our adventures on heroics and achievements can be found on my blog (spanish, but google translator does the job) with name Killing in the name of…

    Good luck with your tanking pets, ¿Who needs a player tank xD?

  3. Well done Arwin.

    Gotta go is a tough nut to handle, especially with two healers in the group. Good luck with it =)

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