Posted by: ihlos | January 15, 2009

Pet Feat: Onyxia (S)

Onyxia is one of those iconic bosses for many of us, and I have received many submissions on tanking and even duoing the dragon. Now Nordh has gone and soloed the encounter! More feats coming soon!


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
Group: Solo

Details: Soloing Onyxia isn’t really that hard. All you need is some fire res gear (I had 90 fire res from lvl 70 gear), some HP5 elixir (Elixir of Mighty Fortitude), Bandages (Heavy Frostweave) and preferably some trinket like Talisman of the Alliance/Horde for a bit of extra self heal just in case. I used mend pet once during the whole fight. I did it for the gear in phase 3 before I had positioned the gorilla correctly thinking it could break the fear a bit faster, but it wasn’t needed. If you don’t have 2 pieces of T5 however, I think you’ll have to keep Mend pet up the whole time. Using RoS during phase 2 is really recommended, but tbh, I forgot about it more than half the time 😉

The first time I tried this fight I didn’t have the self heal trinket, the elixir nor the fire res and I got halfway through phase 2 before fireballs killed me. My timing on bandages was a bit off then, but the difference between the two attempts were huge. I’m really looking forward to more reports of soloing Onyxia =)

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
No additional submission to date



  1. I completely forgot to send this into you. Grats to Nordhane for doing it as well. I wrote it up as part of my post a bit ago, about soling Ony.

    I did a bit ago. I didn’t use any special gear, just went in with me and my level 79 Gorilla. Not dying during phase 2 just took well-time Feign Deaths to avoid fireballs and bringing her down quick.

  2. Yeah, gear is probably optional, but it helps a lot when you don’t have any self heals =)

    Herbs and Draenei’s have a much easier time to solo this.

  3. I soloed Ony too with my gorilla. I had around 200 fire res, and only used bandages, no potions or elixirs. Since theres no time limit, manaregen is not that important imo.

  4. You can easily switch to Aspect of the Viper and still keep the pet up with T5 if you need mana. =)

  5. Just solod onyxia today to. She evaded at 10% and got 100% health back while still in phase 3. So it took about 45 minutes to take her down. But im still glad i made it.

    Had 94 Fire ress, and only bandages.

    As said before. Phase 2 is the hardest imo.

  6. Solo’d her a while back myself with a Cat as BM. Hop on a ledge to avoid the Deep Breaths and you can just sit in FD for 5 minutes until the Cat knocks her out of the air. Then just rinse and repeat while dealing with fears. Lick Wounds helps tremendously.

  7. Was able to solo Onyxia for the first time myself today, specced as BM and rolled with a gorilla. Had no fire resistance (except a cloak with +25 ;P), no fire res/absorption potions… only bandages, self-heal trinket, “Last stand”-trinket and four pieces of PvP-gear to get my HP over 20k.

    First phase is a breeze with one danger: you may fall asleep. ;P Phase 2 is the biggest challenge here, tenacities’ Roar of Sacrifice is extremely useful as your pet’s health rarely drops below 90% anyway if you keep Mend Pet rolling the whole time (I have no T5). I had to try multiple times – always wiping near the end of phase 2 – but finally I was able to make it work with proper FD management, positioning correctly to avoid Deep Breaths and burning her down ASAP.

    P3 started with me having 28% health and after that it was smooth sailing (the fears really aren’t a problem).

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