Posted by: ihlos | January 16, 2009

Pet Feat: Halls of Stone – Heroic (MT)


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
80 Priest (Shadow)
80 Priest (Disc healer)
80 Hunter (BM)
80 Druid (Feral dps / off tank)

Details: Halls of Stone (HC) is a rather easy instance to tank, apart from 1 thing, the Brann event. But let’s start in the beginning. The AoE packs before the Gruul-like boss can be a bit of hassle. So we used the druid to pick up those adds that were lose, it’s a bit too hard to get aggro on all of them at pull because they are a bit too spread out. The druid’s got better AoE dps in bear form anyway. The boss itself is a real pushover, and with two hunters with misdirection, threat is never a problem anywhere in the instance. Since the pets are immune to shatter, and we only had one meleer, it made the spreading really easy for everyone. Ranged just stood in a semicircle around him, and the druid as melee in the middle.

We failed the achievement for speed kill on the Maiden boss with 7 seconds. We were pushing a bit too hard to get that last 1% down when the AoE stun hit us (10 seconds), so I missed using Mend Pet, and as a result the pet died at the last second of the stun, but the Maiden died the second after the stun was up, so no big worries, we were just trying a bit too hard ^^ I never moved the pet thoughout the whole fight, it can just stand in the middle of the void hole and the druid could stand just outside of it and hit maiden from behind. So pets are really good for tanking that boss, especially if trying to nuke it down for achievement, even if we failed it.

For the Brann event, the druid went bear form and we shared the tanking quite evenly between us. It made the event really easy compared to how hard it usually is. None of us were near dying through the whole event, and we easily managed the achievement to save Brann from getting hit.

For the final boss, there were no major problems until 5% left when BANG, the pet just went kapooey for some unknown reason. If we hadn’t played around trying to get the ooze achievement we would have killed the boss much faster =P Unfortunately we misunderstood how it works I think, so we didn’t get it ^^

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
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  1. Awsome stuff! Nice to see you’re hitting the wrath stuff.
    Looking forward to your next feat đŸ™‚

  2. Ihlos, it’s not possible to comment on the latest article. I have some more info on the Prince bug that I could add.

  3. The pet went kablooey because the boss has a (not particularly visible) enrage mechanic when the dwarves start coming out

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