Posted by: ihlos | January 21, 2009

Pet Feat: Karazhan (D)

Things have been super busy around here, hopefully they cool down and hopefully nordh isnt too annoyed that I haven’t gotten these out sooner πŸ™‚


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
Eool, 80 Paladin (Holy)

I was bored yesterday and decided I’d try to convince someone to come heal me in Karazhan. I had no clue if it would work or not, and none of my guildies healers were that interested, or simply afk. Finally I found a RL friend of a guildie with mostly blue lvl 80 gear that wanted to give it a try. This is how it went.

The trash to Attumen was so easy that Eool actually forgot to heal the pet at the last pull with 5 mobs. After ressing it, I simply repicked up the mobs and killed them though. Infinite combatresses FTW! =) The boss was rather easy I simply attacked and tanked them both where they start. A well timed stomp when the rider spawned meant I didn’t even have to misdirect it ^^

We skipped pretty much all the trash in the ballroom and went straight into Moroes room. I pulled the first pack sitting at the table and was like “WTF happened?” when they died. They went down faster than a hooker on a rich …. nah I’m gonna skip that simile. They just went down fast, that’s all. I was still a bit worried about the two mobs standing at each wall though. I remember how they went completely berzerk at level 70, but they barely scratched Umtokk.
For the boss I trapped one mob twice, and Eool feared one to remove the initial damage on Umtokk, making it more bareable. We then killed off the trash, one after another. Once they were all down it was just a matter of killing Moroes. There were never any problems there, even when he went into berzerk in the end.

Maiden of Virtue:
The trash isn’t even something to mention. Just pull the mobs around a corner when you face the casters in the middle of the corridor to gather them up. Maiden of Virtue is so easy it’s silly. The pet doesn’t really take any damage from the AoE so there’s never even any problem when you get stunned for 10 seconds.

Opera (Wolf):
I was a bit scared of the first trash towards opera. You know the ones that put you in an Ice Tomb. Well… that never happened. Not sure if the pet is immune or what not, but it wiped the aggro at least, but I could just pick the mobs up again. No worries. The rest of the trash is just ordinary tank and spank without worries.
We were a bit lucky with which opera even we got, Little Red Riding Hood aka The Wolf. The first attempt was a wipe. The paladin that stood next to the wolf just when it spawns got the Riding hood debuff straight off the bat, so the wolf just turned to him and beat him down. I kept fighting though, and got him to 69% all by myself ^^ The periods between which he cast the debuff was very short, much shorter than I remembered, so I could heal the pet with mend pet with no problem. The problem was that I took at average one hit every time I was running around. And I barely had time to bandage up before I had to run around again.
The second try he bugged halfway through and the fight just stopped without anyone dying and the wolf despawned.
The third one was the sharm. And a tip for the fight, if you are badly positioned and know the wolf is gonna get you. Use Feign Death, you will still have the debuff so you can’t do anything, but at least he will go for the tank for the remainder of the time.

The biggest problem with this fight is positioning and for the healer to conserv mana (for his level of gear) for the whole fight, because it is a rather long fight. Whenever he lands and whenever he fears the dragon needs to be repositioned. Either have fun with Eyes of the Beast, or simply run up and position him with /petfollow. The second phase was rather easy, pick them up and then AoE them down. After a long fight, he will be going down, and you’re 20G richer.

The Curator:
The only thing that’s needed to say about the trash before Curator is that Stomp doesn’t seem to get any aggro on the big arcane voids since all the damage is done to his mana.But growl still works, so make sure your pet is attacking that one if you care to tank anything. I noticed that after it was attacking Eool at one of the pulls instead of Umtokk. I could be wrong of course, but that was the deduction I made from the situation.
The boss was not that easy. The orbs are quite hard to kill singlehandedly, especially when they get into melee range. It’s hard to get out if you don’t have disengage off cooldown. After a while I decided it would be better if I simply sent the pet on them and tanked them. Might not have been the best way, but in the end it worked. The healer was OOM by the end, but we managed to kill him at least. By far the hardest boss that we killed.

Shade of Aran:
We skipped a lot of the trash up to Aran, mostly to save time because none of the packs were any hard to kill. Aran was a piss easy fight, even if it took a bit of time. The elementals that spawns only had 9K HP (seriously, didn’t they have a lot more?) so I just killed those myself when they spawned. There’s really no big threats at all in this fight. It could probably have been done at lvl 70 if the healer wouldn’t go out of mana, even if it would have been a VERY long fight ^^

This one was hard, and it took us 5 tries to come up with a tactic to beat that cheating Medivh=P I remember back in the day when you could still wall climb and get to Chess solo. It was much easier then, but I also remember how they nerfed that method and made chess harder because of it, so I wasn’t too surprised that it was so hard. This is the only fight that doesn’t give you any level advantage.

Now for the bosses who didn’t make it…

Netherspite, for obvious reasons we didn’t do that boss with only two players.

We did one try to see how Sacrifice would work and got the boss to around 70%, but the simple fact is that a healer can’t both heal and get rid of the chains when I get sacrificed. So I deem that boss impossible to duo for now, at least with our setup.

We actually had him beat easily. But there’s a bug (I reported it to a GM, but had to log off before I got any answer and this morning they stated it was working as intended) that prevents us from killing him. You all remember Enfeeble, right? It takes the 5 highest on threat, apart from the MT, to 1 HP and then does a shadow nova. All is well with that. No problem. But then the axes spawn at around 30-35%, and he STILL did Enfeeble putting us at 1HP. You can imagine what happens when axes and enfeeble comes at the same time. Instagib. Back in the day, he stopped casting Enfeeble when the axes spawned. The only way I could possibly imagine we could beat that would be if the pala bubbled us both just at the right time so that we were immune to the axes. But it would require him to know a few seconds in advance when the axes are going to come and then manage to nuke Prince from 30% to 0% in one single period between 2 Enfeebles, which isn’t possible. I doubt that GM knows what he was talking about. I wish I could have talked to him and explained the situation a bit better than what I wrote in the ticket.
Another solution would be having a priest using shield and pray that the shield won’t go out before we’re back to full HP every time he does Enfeeble. I simply don’t see though how that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Also, no animal bosses were harmed during the making of this attempt for the single reason of ‘who cares about the animal bosses?’ =P

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
No additional submission to date



  1. Don’t know why the comments were closed, but they are open now as this comment demonstrates πŸ˜‰

  2. So, I talked to another GM about the prince bug, and also posted on the forum, and they confirm that it was a bug that made Enfeeble and Axes happen at the same time.

    From the reasoning by the blue and the other responses in the thread, it was most likely due to the nature of our attempt with either too few players, or the fact that it was a pet that was tanking it, that messed up the script.

    He also noted that being too slow or fast can mess scripts up, but we were not that slow, and we were not that fast either.

    If anyone else tries to attempt this, please let me know if you could do Prince =)

  3. I am stunned…you never cease to amaze me Nordh!!

  4. This is just the beginning πŸ˜‰ And try it out yourself, tell your boyfriend to level a healer if you can’t find one elsewhere ;D

    My fiancee just dinged 80 this week on her resto shaman, so now I have my own personal healer for future things. Yay \o/

  5. lol his bank alt is a priest…

  6. This is quite possibly the best pet feat yet. Keep at it, Nordh!

  7. Loronar, there’s better ones in the pipeline waiting for Ihlos to publish πŸ˜‰ As a hint, it involves raid bosses, both 10 and 25 man version.

    TBH, a DK has soloed Karazhan, so I’m not sure it’s “the best” feat at all (yes, we all know DKs are a bit overpowered). Perhaps one of the more brave ones in the matter of actually trying it, but hardly that impressive ones done. It’s a lot easier than you’d imagine. The only hard part was The Curator because of the lack of mana regen on the palading, but he had almost all blue gear. With a Naxx geared healer it will be very easy for most tank specced hunters.

    I strongly encourage hunter tanks to do this. It’s not a lot of money, 20G per boss, and it takes a few hours, but it feels nice to say you’ve two-manned a lvl 70 raid instance.

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