Posted by: ihlos | January 29, 2009

The Great Depression

Ok, so maybe the title is a bit dramatic 😉 .

Lately I have been very busy in almost every facet of life. As a result I havent been able to play alot, much less have the time or energy to write about it. I have however, played enough to be completely demoralized by the crazy nerf we received in the (second to) last patch. I know BM needed a nerf, and hunter’s with much better gear were getting rediculous performance, but they definitely overdid it (and they have admitted this). Furthermore the nerfs all seemed to hit me, my spec including most of the talents that were nerfed 😦

So I’ve been playing with specs and experimenting alot, trying out different stuff, and I have to say its been a fun process. For the most part, damage was the only thing that really got nerfed, and sadly they laid a heavy portion of that on our pets. Less damage means less threat while tanking. Can this set back be overcome? Yes. Do I wish they would have included a pet threat bump in there to keep things balanced? You bet.

We can only hope that when they balance things back out, as promised, that they think about pet threat and us pet tankers when they do.

I also want to thank everyone who reads my dribble, and make a promise to eke out some time to keep posting. Additionally, I want to thank everyone who has been sending in feat submissions, and I really like the narrative that you guys have been sending in. Keep it up!



  1. I was really surprised that Growl didn’t get buffed when they lowered the two pet damage talents since they promised that early on. I’m not sure what happened to that =(

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