Posted by: ihlos | January 30, 2009

Pet Feat: Magister’s Terrace – Heroic (D)

Here’s something fun from a fellow turtle tamer.



Who: Kurasu of Emerald Dreams EU (80)
Pet: Panzer (80 Turtle)
Group: Druid (Healer/Feral DPS)

Description: This druid and myself are friends, and common duo-partners on oldschool instances. He and I have done a lot of other runs in the past. My gorilla has MTed some Zul’Gurub mount farming, we’ve duoed Onyxia swapping off tanking jobs (either with gorilla or turtle), but the Magister’s Terrace run was a challenge that we wanted to do. Partially to see if we could get the mount, and partially to see… well… if we could do it *period*.

The run up to Vexallus was smooth. Between roots, Wyvern Sting, Freeze Trap, and the turtle’s tanking, we had no problems handling even the large packs. Misdirect was used with Multishot to keep aggro on as many as possible (no more than two at a time was needed for the most part), and the occasional times the druid pulled aggro (not as often as one would think for a feral cat!) we were able to Taunt it back off him and burn the mobs down. For the most part, our focus was on killing healers first, and then on going for the casters, since even without tanking, they could mostly be DPSed down thanks to all the resists.

The first boss was a cakewalk: tank, spank, ignore the crystals, and let the druid heal us through the energy surges. The turtle never lost aggro, between castings of MD and the boosted growl.

Vexallus actually wiped us once before we got the idea of things: have the turtle eat an add or two, and the others primarily taken by me while the druid simply healed. Level and arcane resist helped buffer against the worst of it, and the turtle’s resistance meant he barely felt them, and tanked Vex without aggro issues. As a note: the boosted attack from the stacks seemed to be a big help both in holding aggro and in doing the damage, so don’t hesitate to let the pet eat one or two if they have good resistance.

The ‘arena’ battle was where we had the most wipes. Without being able to tank well here (their aggro meters are really odd), I just turned growl off, turned Aggressive on, and the two of us kited, CCed, and DPSed them down. It took a few tries before we figured out who to get, and having the Fury Warrior Naga did *not* make it easy. But we finally managed.

Kael’Thas himself was actually surprisingly simple: the turtle never lost aggro once, and the phoenix was easily kited and killed. Once we were flung into the air, it was only a matter of time before Kael was dead, and though no mount dropped, we had a lovely warm glow of satisfaction.

Sadly, there is no screenshot of this, but if I can gather up my Druid buddy again, a little repeat will hopefully get us a proper screenie for the record books.

As a note, I used a turtle here rather than the usual gorilla because of the Shell Shield ability. All too often, the turtle had to solo-tank a group without healing, and the ‘takes half damage’ was a huge help against those times. He is easy to heal, and hard to kill; those two things make him a very nice tank in instances where there’s enough CC to keep it to one or two targets.

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  1. As an after thought, it would have been really fun to see a screenshot of your turtle in action. If you took any I’d love to see them, or even just a shot of you and your thick skinned friend.

  2. Do you guys usually tank with hawk or beast aspect?
    I DO started to lvl my turtle too 🙂

  3. Was this done in normal or heroic?

    Nice with turtle as tank, would be cool to see =)

  4. Normal doesn’t drop the mount if i remember correctly but it still has a chance to drop the hatchling…WANT!!!!

    GZ on feat!

  5. It was done in Heroic, actually. I wouldn’t have brought up a duo normal MGT, since it’s already been soloed by someone on here. 😀

    I haven’t had the chance to do another duo-run with the turtle, but fingers crossed there’ll be a chance. About to do a full party farm ATM, so screenshots wouldn’t properly reflect the feat.

  6. You have my apologies, totally missed it. Fixt

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