Posted by: ihlos | February 2, 2009

Pet Feat: 4 Horsemen – Naxx 25

Instance: Naxxramas (25) Military Wing
Role: Main tank x 2
Mobs: The Four Horsemen
Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)

Personal healers:
Holy Priest
Disc Priest
Holy Paladin
Priest (not sure which spec)

The only difference between this and the 10 man version is that the incoming damage is a LOT higher.

We wiped the first try because we had 3 healers on me and my pet, and they used 2 heals on the pet, and 1 on me… which I’m not sure why they did since the pet takes less damage, and it receives a lot more healing. With only one healer, which had chicken pox and a fever might I add, I died, and with no tank on either of the caster bosses a wipe soon followed.

The second try went better. Because of a little screw up on my part most likely (pet didn’t want to go to the other boss once just before melee bosses were down and instead decided to attack my target, even though I had it on passive), one of the healers tanked and died on the other boss for a few seconds before the melee tanks came over and saved the day. So the only casualty was a healer.

PS. I was going to fraps the fight, but only have the first try frapsed and forgot to turn on the “camera” on the second and successful try, so unfortunately I have no screenshot or video proof. I can post a screen capture of the first attempt to show that I was indeed assigned as tank to those spots if you like.

Other Hunters who have accomplished this feat:
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  1. Crazy mental stuff

    Huge GZ on Naxx though!

  2. Tanking lvl 80 25 man raid content: Check.

    As with the 10 man version of this boss, hunter tanks are a great strategy here due to the incoming damage being magical (thus a normal tank mostly takes just as much damage as any other person). And since we have the +healing talents, it’s easier on the healers.

    When I have max HP in my tank spec I have almost 33K HP buffed, and the pet is just below me. It requires a warriors shout though, which you don’t get when tanking here, so it’s just over 30K without it.

    When we started Naxx 25 we had other casters tanking these, and they had about 23K HP buffed, so if you and your pet is above that, you can definitely tank this boss =) Give it a try!

  3. Good to see you can tank. Did you use Aspect of the Dragon Hawk? I figured we could tank with good healers and buffs. Now we got proof. Think about it. When a pet dies we need to tank for a short while before we can kill all the mobs and revive pet. Hunter’s are fully capable of handling 1 or 2 mobs at a time. If we can’t kill all the mobs we usually Feign Death or drop a Freezing Trap. Good job! I’m adding you to my blogroll.

  4. Yes, I used AotD. Don’t see why any other aspect would be better. AotB might give more threat from dps, but you don’t tank these bosses with threat, and Growl is based on the hunters RAP, so there’s a huge change that your pets threat would be higher with AotD rather than AotB anyhow.

    As for your other comments, you’re simplifying it a bit too much I think. You, as a hunter, can’t take on two mobs in this kind of environment. Nor can you use Freezing Traps or Feign Death to save your party. Your ideas works when soloing, but when you’re tanking in heroics and raids you need to think beyond yourself. Feign Death is the last resort, when you have 10% HP, the pet is dead and you have 3 mobs hitting on you and the rest of the party is dead =P Before that, Feign Death should only be used after you get your pet back up and make sure he’s above the healer on aggro on all mobs.

  5. […] my way to 80. Besides tanking a few heroics, I’ve also tanked raid encounters in both 10 and 25 man version of Naxxramas […]

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