Posted by: ihlos | February 6, 2009

Upcoming Changes

rhino Recently, blizzard has given a sneak peak at some upcoming changes to all of the classes. You can check out the rest of the changes here.

The one that stands out is this:

A new tier of hunter pet talents have been added. In particular, this allows Beastmaster hunters to improve their damage per second (DPS) with their 51 point talent.

So, basically, we have a new tier of tenacity pet talents to look forward to. They have stated that the point of this tier will be to increase dps of a full BM spec. Does this mean that there will not be tanking talents in this new tier? Or perhaps it means that the current tanking talents will be spread out, and some extra dps talents would be peppered into the tree. I would tend to discredit the latter, because they intend to make this extra dps ‘out of reach’ without the additional pet talent points.

I would hope that they would add more tanking talents, but what I would really love is for them to increase the effects of Grace of the Mantis, so that our pets can be crit immune. Or perhaps another talent in the top tier that together would make the pet crit immune.

I’m very interested to see what comes out, and given the complete awesomeness of these newly minted pet trees, I have high hopes that this additonal content will be exciting. On a personal note, the ammo change is making me a sad panda 😦 . I’d love to know how all of you are responding to the news!

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. Pet Talents: We’ll see. I really don’t know what’s going one with them.

    Although I like that Grace of the mantis idea quite a bit!

    As far as the arrows, we have yet to see how they will go about doing it.

    One of the cool idea I heard was that it’s replaced by a quiver “item” that gets equipped in the paperdoll. It gives a ranged attack speed increase equivalent to quivers now, and give the weapon a damage increase. The durability of the ranged weapon would represent the use of ammunition in a vague sense.

  2. I’m looking forward to not buying ammo. If it will now be “like a relic” in that slot, I hope for variety in ammo.
    Like cold arrows to slow down the enemy or fire bullets for damage over time or shock arrows which make me shoot very fast.
    This could allow for the lack of quiver speed bonus which basically was across the board because everyone had a quiver.

    Pet Talent? Those of us in love with the BM tree need some help and any continued synergy with our pet is most welcome!

  3. Pet talents sound nice. Hopefully it won’t be all dps related.

    The arrow change is awesome. This makes it a lot easier to give us choices in what kind of arrows we want to use (like frost/fire/armor pen/bleed/chance on hit and so on) that couldn’t be done properly with the old system.

    It will also mean that bosses can drop a specific arrow so that raiders can get better arrows than casuals and so on.

  4. I like the idea of not having to buy ammo, but we will just have to wait and see how Blizzard implements it.

    The main reason im looking forward to this patch are the new pet talents though, i’m really really hoping for something nice.

  5. I’ll be honest: when I saw the ‘No longer expendable ammo’ comment, I went into a gleeful dancing fit. I’m finding it hard to think of a way that would be *bad* for it to be implimented. … which of course means it’s probably going to blow up in my face. 😀 But damn. No more arrow-buying? And ease of using ‘varied types of arrow’? Where the hell do I sign up?

    The extra tier of pet talents isn’t as much a thrill to me. I’m specced Survival. With the upcoming changes, I’ll probably be making a Beast Master/Survival pet-tanking hybrid for my second spec, though (dual specs are supposedly coming in 3.1 as well; fingers crossed there), so if the next tier of talents is tempting enough, I might go deep enough BM to be able to get them. It’ll still leave me enough points for a couple nice pet-boosts in Survival, after all.

  6. Yeah, I know everyone else is super excited about the ammo change, its been an annoyance to alot of players for quite some time.

    I guess im just wierd like that, I actually enjoyed stopping from time to time and ‘provisioning’. I also keep a stack of firewood topped off for my frequent campfires. I also really love quivers, so I’m very nervous that they might take the graphic away, and also a quiver you never have to fill with arrows loses a little something.

    That said, I’ll be more than happy to see some extra pet talents, especially tanking talents, fingers crossed! Also, dual specs would be great, ill be able to maintain a bm tanking build, and a dps build in whichever tree is hot at the time 😉

  7. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you still had to do that by repairing your new ammo. It might have durability of some kind.

    Let’s hope for your sake that’s true, eh? ;P

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