Posted by: ihlos | February 9, 2009

Pet Feat: Utgarde Keep (D)

I’ve still got quite a few of these to get through, and we have some really good ones coming up 🙂 I really love Utgarde Keep, and this was a fun read. Keep it up!

Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
80 Hunter (Zanatar), with 80 Cat (ImACat)

Details: I did this on lvl 70, but forgot to take a picture so I could send in the feature, and I haven’t gotten around to do it with my other hunter yet (still lvl 71), so I decided that apart from tanking it in heroic I wanted some kind of feat for this on normal mode with this hunter. I’ve always loved pure hunter runs, I used to make 5 hunter Shadow Labs on lvl 70 (pre-3.0 pet change / dungeon nerf). So this time I brought along my hunter friend Zanatar for some duo action, a healer would have been way too easy. Zanatar was part of my pure hunter runs on my old server, but has now moved to my new one.

I decided early on that I should go with my dps gear, with the two set bonus of T5 to back the healing up. After getting over the first nervosity in the first trash about how the pet will deal with the instance it went very fast. We skipped trash a bit here and there and came up to the first boss. The tactic was to volley the trash as fast as possible, and then deal with the iceblocks in the same manner. After getting iceblocked a few times, the pet was actually starting to hurt and when we got both skeletons and me in iceblock in the end, I couldn’t keep Umtokk up. Zanatars cat tanked the boss while we killed the skeletons and after that it was just a kill shot or two and the boss was dead.

With the first encounter coming so close to a failure I was starting to get worried about the second boss because I know that they can be quite irritating. But seeing that our level difference made us resist most of the casters spells, and the coordination to take them down at the same time, the fight went smoother than silk. A real pushover of a fight.

A few packs and some trash skipped later we went up against the last boss. The tactic was to simply nuke. The AoE hurt quite a bit in the second phase, and I actually don’t think ImACat had the -75% AoE immunity, because he died from it. And even if I were down to 50% HP at the end of the fight, the pet barely went below 90% anytime during it. So to sum things up, if you plan on two manning it without a healer, and if you kill the first boss, then you will kill the rest.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
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  1. Now thats what I’m talking about Nordhbane. Rock on. People who complain that Wotlk is too easy should hamstring themselves like you have.

    I soloed the Nexus Boss Telestra for the hat for Merry Maker Title. Gorilla and BM build made it possible, but not entirely easy. I also cleared to the first boss in UK, while I waited for level 70 guildies to log on for the run.

    Keep pushing the envelope, you inspire us all.

  2. Too bad achievements are so limited. There should be “hard mode” achievements for more stuff in the game ^^

    Guess that’s why we all love this site, eh? =)

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