Posted by: ihlos | February 17, 2009

Pet Feat: Kurinnaxx – AQ25 (S)

My apologies for not posting lately, first it was an accident, then valentines weekend. I’m okay though and looking forward to some really cool pet feats.


Instance: The ruins of Ahn Qiraj (AQ25)
Boss: Kurinnaxx
Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)

This has to be one of the bosses I had to think the hardest about so far. There are several dehabilitating abilities that Kurinnaxx does that prevents this to be a normal tank and spank. First of all, if you don’t have T5, do not try this boss. I tried and wiped on it several times before I perfected my tactic to be able to solo him.

The first thing you will notice is that he does a sand-bubble thing below a “random” member of the raid. In this case it means _you_. He does it at about 10 second intervals. After a while you get the feeling for when they come. Avoid them at all cost! If you get hit you will not be able to cast any spells, and you have -75% hit. If you get hit by it, you have 20 seconds of irritation ahead of you. And if your pet is low on HP at this point, it is likely a wipe. Remember that aspects count as spells, so beware of going oom while being hiy by it.

The second thing you will notice is that he does a stacking -10% healing debuff. After a while, this will hurt your pet seriously. The debuff lasts for 14 seconds I believe.

The third thing is that if you get aggro, he will teleport you to him.

So, how on earth do you make the pet survive this boss? Well, I came up with this tactic:

First off, put your pet on passive and stay on the side of the stairs. Pull with misdirect. Keep Mend Pet up at all times. Get a feeling for the sand bubble debuff and move around to avoid getting it at all cost. It can be very dangerous. Once your pet has about 6 debuffs (-60% healing effects), press /petpassive to make sure your pet stays in place and shoot off Distraction shot. This will force Kurinnaxx onto you for 6 seconds. Once you do that you will get teleported in front of him. Start to move backwards (do not turn around) to drag the boss away from your pet (remember that your pet is on passive/stay). This will make sure that the healing debuff runs out before the pet is hit again, so the -10% healing starts over from 0 again.
That is the hard part of the fight. But at 30-35% Kurinnaxx enrages. Make sure you have just reseted the debuff by then, and make sure you get your mana up to full. After he enrages, just nuke and use Last Stand if needed at the end.

If you’ve beaten him, you’ve just done one of the hardest fights currently in the game that is still able to be done solo. Grats! =D

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  1. For clarifications, the reason why you need to walk backwards is that if you turn around and start running, he will simply stop and teleport you to him. Thus your pet will be too close to him once the pet regains aggro and you will not gain enough time to remove the debuff.

    The pet is immune to the teleport from what I can tell, this is why he will run to the pet instead of using the teleport when it gets aggro again. Pets were immune to Azuregos teleport as well, which makes them very good in terms of aggro machines on that fight as the teleport reseted everyones aggro 😉

  2. It’s AQ20, not 25.

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