Posted by: ihlos | February 18, 2009

Kurasu and Panzer

Most of the submissions we get here are from players using the almighty gorilla. This of course, is pretty natural. Thunderstomp picks up threat on all targets, and overcomes the difficulty of managing your pet’s threat on multiple targets. Personally, I love gorillas. But I also love turtles, and it’s my opinion that they fit an OT role, taking a ton of damage from a mob or two while the raid focuses elsewhere. I’ve always loved turtles, and I can still tell you the first one I tamed out of black fathom deeps with my first night elf hunter.

So when Kurasu sent me some shots of his turtle, well I just had to share them!



Tenacity pets rule! Keep up the Hunt, Kurasu



  1. My turtle is still 75 =/ I should really bring him with me when I’m finishing up my Northrend Loremaster achievement.

    Wanna use him for soaking =)

  2. Lol the turtle is bigger than the dwarf!

    I can honestly say I’ve never tamed a turtle but I’ve always wanted to. No stable space though 😦

    Geif more slots!

  3. Nordh: Heck with the Loremaster; get an understanding group and take him on a few Heroics. It only took me a few to get a brand new DPS pet up from level 75 to 80 (I have one single Ferocity in my stable of Tenacity). I’m probably biased, but I think it’s well worth it to have a good soaker. 😀

    My turtle was my constant companion from about level 72 on. Especially in the group quests. As a note for those leveling a hunter: a turtle makes a hell of a tank for them, especially if you have someone who doesn’t mind healing it. He’s even run Naxx a time or two, since he’s specced out the wazoo for pure-D resistance and armor, which means unlike my poor ‘glass cannon’ moth, he manages to survive the entire Sapphiron battle.

  4. I’ve never had any problems with Sapphiron ever, no matter what pet I have, even without FrR gear. My turtle, Gannjala (was supposed to be Ganjala or Gan’jala, but it was not legit to have “Ganja” I think even though I only thought of that after the name restriction error came up ^^), has now been happily running towards the enemies in a slow pace (not speccing charge until 76) while I kill the mobs before he reaches them. I guess it’s too bad that I only have quests left in the borean tundra for the loremaster achievement. All mobs are gray >.<

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