Posted by: ihlos | March 9, 2009

Pet Feat: Drak’Tharon – Heroic (MT)

Things being what they have been lately, I’ve fallen a bit behind on these pet feats, thanks for continuing to submit them, and I ask that you have patience with me as I plug along getting them out 😉


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
80 Death knight (unholy)
80 Hunter (surv)
80 Shaman (resto)
80 Shaman (elemental)

This instance is not too hard, but there are some bosses that can be a bit tricky. The trash up to the first boss isn’t hard at all, and the boss is quite easy. Without MotW or Fortitude the pet didn’t have much HP, so the biggest problem is that he hits quite hard after a while. So you need a good healer. The second boss is rather easy, but the group is taking a lot of random damage. Make sure your healer is up to the task. Slightly harder than with a normal tank because there’s one more random person that need heals.

King Dred is another story, he hits hard, and he calls adds. After 2 failed tries we decided to use the death knight tanking the small adds and collectively kill them off. Worked like a sharm.

The last boss is irritating because if your pet is tanking it doesn’t seem like the pet is taking any damage in the second phase, but, and this is a huge but, when you’re going back out, it starts taking damage and there’s a delay on when healer can start casting again. This is very fatal. The pet survived it the first time. But the second time it got squished. No worries, I ressed it, taunt, last stand, and it was back in business. When that phase was over the boss was on 10% HP, so we killed him in the 3rd second phase.

Overall, this is a rather fun instance. Not too hard, but requires a good healer. Good luck! =)

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