Posted by: ihlos | March 10, 2009

Pet Feat: Obsidian Sanctum (OT)

Heres a great one from Kurasu and his awesome turtle with some new raid content tankage.


Who: Kurasu of Emerald Dreams – EU (80 Survival)
Pet: Panzer (80 Turtle)
Group: Full raid group (including DK MT)

Description: An early afternoon raid isn’t usually the most popular thing, but we had enough signups for one… just barely. The problem was, only one tank. The first drake was a mess, with a lot of the raid clothies and no tank for the portal boss.

The ‘whelp’ drake is no problem at all to do without tanking. However, the barrier one is …. ugly, to say the least.

“BRB. Getting the turtle.”

Panzer actually held aggro fairly well against the dragonkin, with a taunt to grab it right off the bat and from then on, just holding with a combination of nothing but growl and bite. He didn’t have a full-time healer, so most of the healing had to come from Mend Pet and an offhealer, and thus he ended up taking too much damage and dying at the third dragon. But if he had had a full-time healer, I honestly think he could have tanked the dragonkin without any problem, while the DK held the main drake outside. The aggro wasn’t the issue; the damage was.

No screenshot of mid-tank, thanks to things being too hectic and no body shots of the portal dragons, thanks to the portals closing as soon as it’s dead. Hopefully a shot of the two of us standing over the dead drake will suffice well enough. πŸ™‚

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  1. Good job =)

    I’ve only tanked the fire elementals on Sarth0D (10) and off tanked them on Sarth 0D(25). I’m hoping that I get to main tank Sartharion one day seeing that his most damaging attack is lessened by 75% by pets.

  2. If you manage to tank a full Sarth, you’d better make sure you post. I’d love to hear about that one. πŸ™‚ I would love to give it a try, but I think I’ll wait until dual specs come out so I can have a full ‘tanking’ spec (and a thunderstomping turtle, hopefully). I hate changing specs and just *knowing* I’m going to mis-put points, but Survival I don’t think could handle MT’ing a major boss at full nuke.

  3. Im assuming you guys are talking about Flame Breath, since its aoe.

    This makes me wonder… how does Great Resistance interact with Avoidance. Since Flame Breath is fire damage, great resistance would also mitigate 15%. would it be 15% of 25%? (78% reduction) or is it 15% + 75% reduction, for a total of 90% damage reduction.

    I think some testing is in order!

  4. ihlos, interesting thought. I would however imagine that it’d be a multiplier. But if it’s not, I’m gonna force my guild to do Sarth0D(10) with me as MT. πŸ˜‰ And if that goes as planned, 3D should be a walk in the park πŸ˜‰

    The only thing I’m worried about is flamewalls and how to move. The movie where the warlock pet is tanking Sarth3D(10) he is EXTREMELY lucky with the firewalls. They come from the same direction every single time once you can actually see how he’s handling it. The frapser didn’t really keep it in focus in the beginning, which was the only time it would have had to be moved.

    My idea on how to deal with them is to put the pet in one safe zone and me in another. When the walls are coming I have to be really focused, if the pet is in harm I’m gonna be using EotB, and if I’m in harms way I’ll just run myself.

    The biggest problem with using EotB is that I will have no control over if I’m standing in a void zone, making that tactic potentially deadly.

    I’ve also been thinking about what will happen if you tank Sarth from the lava. The walls don’t go all the way to the mountains, so I would potentially be safe from them if I’m standing far back in the lava. The damage from the lava shouldn’t be that high, and thus easily outhealable. It’s food for thought.

  5. […] on BigRedRhino, came up with a food for thought. Does Great Resistance stack or is it multiplied with Avoidance? […]

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