Posted by: ihlos | March 13, 2009

Pet Feat: Sapphiron Main Tanked (Heroic)

Yes, you read that right, a Hunter pet has main tanked Sapphiron. My apologies to the other feats in the queue. You guys have always impressed me every time you pushed the envelope, whether it be main tanking bosses, or soloing dungeons. Congratulations are in order.

Who: Durante of Hydraxis (80)
Pet: Bubbles (80 Gorilla)
Group: Snuggles Raid

Details: Bubbles the gorilla tanked Sapphiron 25 tonight with the aid of my guild Snuggles. The raid had five healers: two holy priests, one discipline priest, one holy pally and one resto shaman. I used a 48/0/23 build to give Bubbles as much HP as possible and getting Hunter vs. Wild, theory being that the extra threat from the AP from that much stamina would help with threat more than the last few points in BM. With full raid buffs Bubbles was over 37k HP.

Threat was pretty restrictive for most of the fight, but Bubbles averaged 2.5k tps or so for the fight, and between being able to stay in during air phases and rotating MD’s threat wasn’t a big issue by the end of the fight.

Its absolutely critical that a pet tank be completely capped off at all times. Our first attemped ended when Bubbles took a 27k crit while at half health. Hypothetically back to back hits without a heal in between could be fatal.

A great thanks for Snuggles for letting me try this, for hanging in for a third attempt, and the best healers around.




  1. Very impressive!

  2. Enough to bring tears to a HunterTonk’s eyes. I posted this video and blogspot to my guild’s forum, with the title: ‘Why Kura Wants A Tanking Spec/Suit’. 😀

    Who knows? Maybe it’ll convince them to let me try it once. Maybe. Just maybe. Maybe.

    …. probably not, but a guy can dream!

  3. No “of Stamina” gear. I figured the small amount of extra stamina you’d get vs. gladiator gear wouldn’t be worth the huge lost of AP for threat. I’m no longer in my tanking spec but I’ve been logging out in my tanking gear so people can take a look.

    A few of my pieces aren’t quite optimized for tanking in terms of gems and enchants since the pvp gear is also used for arenas.

  4. I tagged you in my blog!

  5. Ihlos, your threaded thing works weird. No indication on what’s a reply to what.

    And is it just me, or has the comments a weird reverse order in here except for the replies between you and me?

  6. Impressive indeed… i see the theory behind the hunter vs wild… but what tallents in paticular at the high end in bm did you go for ? (currently working on a similar build and pleased to see it working ^^)

    as i see it its going to be ferocious inspiration vs kindred spirits…

    any feedback would be greatly apreciated ^^

    • Here is the build I used. Note the two points in Survival Tactics are basically wasted, there’s really nothing useful you can do with them so feel free to put them wherever.
      When choosing talents, my general rule of thumb is increase survivability first, then increase my own threat per second the most per talent point.

  7. Congratz on this durante.

    I am thinking the 48/0/23 spec is the best tanking spec right now but haven’t really finished forming my opinion on how the new talent will affect this.

    darn i missed looking at your gear set up. Oh well.

    • I put it back on, hopefully the armory updates soon.

  8. Ive turned off the threading comments, as it was messing up the order of comments. I think its a little buggy, as it is a new feature. If they post something about this feature being fixed ill consider putting it back up.

  9. […] to me at spam(at) An example, hint hint, would be Durante writing about how he did the incredibly feat of tanking Sapphiron. I’d even dare say, it was quite the opposite of being vacuous. Possibly […]

  10. […] can use turtles to effectively tank level 80 heroic dungeons if talented and geared properly.  Some elite hunters can even use turtles to tank raids! Shell Shield becomes a great thing to have in this case, since […]

  11. *blink*

    This, my friends, is awesome.

  12. Nicely done! Very cool!

    You need to dump the M&S blizzard-standers, though…

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