Posted by: ihlos | March 16, 2009

Glyph of Mending

glyph So, recently a new glyph was announced on the ptr build notes, and it is very exciting news for us pet tankers.

The Glyph of Mending increases the amount healed by Mend Pet by 40%. So, what are we looking at here? Well, the max rank of Mend Pet is 5250 over 15 seconds, or 350 HPS. Of course, if we are pet tanking we will have SB and BotR, increasing it to 525 HPS. So, either way you calculate it, this will add an additional 210 HPS, provided you have both +healing talents.

In concert with Silverback, the HPS on our pets is starting to become quite considerable. Of course, Sb depends on your pet’s total health pool, but with a stam set and proper builds, Sb will pass up the 210 mark. All told you will be approaching 1k HPS with mend pet, a far cry from the 350 base HPS Mend Pet rank 10 does.

While this is an obvious boon for using your pet as a main tank, it will also increase our potential for soloing/duoing instances. Whether or not this glyph gets a slot on the team for pvp, I can’t say.

I am encouraged though that blizzard has introduced three new ways for us to increase our tenacity pets survivability. My only hope is that they reconsider making pets uncrittable through talents. In the past, I have advocated that Improved Aspect of the Monkey include the extra reduction needed, as well as adding the dodge bonus to the pet. I have now considered that for pvp, they will not likely make pets uncrittable with talents so low in a tree.

My suggestion now is to add the crit reduction to something higher in the tree, since BM isnt considered the top pvp spec, effectively putting the ‘uncrittable’ status out of reach for serious pvp. It could be attached to Animal Handler, Catlike Reflexes, Kindred Spirits, or Beast Mastery. From a conceptual sense, Animal Handler and Catlike Reflexes make the most sense, and from a practical or budget standpoint Animal Handler and Beast Mastery make the most sense. Beast Mastery has always been underwhelming as a 51 pointer. The new talents help this, but I think there is room in there for a little more power.

I may sound like a broken record, always talking about crit reduction, but I believe it should be the number one buff we should be requesting, as it would greatly increase our pets reliability as tanks in advanced content.

I have no doubt though, that the new glyph will be a must have for my pet tanking build.



  1. I don’t think we’ll ever see pet crit reduction precicely because Blizzard doesn’t want our pets to be reliable as tanks in advanced content. Don’t get me wrong – I was giddy when my guild let me use my carrion bird to tank Midnight on the Attumen fight in Karazhan back at 70. (Aside: he didn’t survive, but he stayed up for most of the fight; the main tank picked up Midnight and we finished with no problems. This was without T5.)

    But if we could make our pets uncrittable, that would vault hunter pets from being novelty tanks to being *preferred* tanks. A MT that’s uncrittable, battle-rezzable, that takes 25% of normal damage from AoE on top of an extra 15% reduction from magic damage (if specced)? I’ll take that! We even have tanking cooldowns: Last Stand and Shell Shield.

    Consider that we just had a hunter pet MT Sapphiron without being uncrittable, and without the extra survivability our pets are getting in 3.1. I don’t see them ever giving us uncrittability without reducing survivability in some other way (like removing Avoidance and Great Resistance).

  2. Perhaps they never will, but you clearly see why I want it!

    I don’t think that pets would be prefered. Perhaps on some fights they might have an edge, but positioning is still an issue, and even being uncrittable and specced into avoidance your pet is still behind a geared tank.

    But yes, uncrittable pets would open up the ceiling for pet tanks.

  3. I have to admit: I heard about the Glyph Of Mend Pet and went “YAY!”. And then I heard about ‘… will be replacing Glyph Of The Monkey’ and I went “CRAP!”

    As a dedicated kiting hunter, I have to shout out against the loss of our Monkey glyph. It’s a hell of a wonderful thing, that Glyph. Fantastic for Gluth kiting, a lot of fun in PVP, great when just plain kiting enemies for entertainment or killing.

    Not to say I don’t want the Mend Pet glyph. I just wish they’d replaced one of the other, actually *useless* glyphs with it, instead of my Monkey. 😦

  4. They should have just replaced the broken Glyph of Mend Pet. We have plenty enough talents to increase pet happiness in combat now anyhow, and if that’s not enough for you, just do it like the old days.

    KR, Making pets uncrittable will not make pets the best tanks. Ordinary tanks are already uncrittable, and they still have more damage reductions than pets. They also have more oh-shit buttons and trinket use-advantages. Plus the mobility, taunt toggling and blocking.

    Pets may have better self HPS (incl hunter heals) than any other tank. They may have a lot better inc heal sizes (+50%). They may have a lot of reduction against AoE and Magic. But in return they have very small HP pools. Compare 30K pets to 60K druids.

  5. I dont understand why everyone says the happiness on the current Mend Pet glyph is broken. It has worked for me no problem. It even shows up in the combat log. At first it didnt work, but now it does.

    I did reapply the glyph, perhaps you guys should try that?

  6. The last I heard was that it was bugged and doesn’t work with the Improved Mend Pet talent. Do you have that talent?

    Nordh: I guess I haven’t met many 60k druids. You’re right, though, that health is an issue, and ihlos is right that positioning is also a problem. I probably went too far in saying that pets would become preferred tanks in general.

    I think, though, that an uncrittable 3.1 hunter pet would be the preferred tank for fights involving little to no positioning with heavy AoE or magic damage (think Sapphiron, maybe Sarth if you can heal through the lava waves). I don’t know, but I’m guessing that Blizzard would not want hunter pets to be the preferred tank for ANY fight, even in specialized situations, which is why I’m betting we’ll never see uncrittable pets.

    I’m still right there in the middle of the crowd rooting for it, though.

  7. I never used the Mend Pet glyph, since I find it useless, so I wouldn’t know if it’s broken or not personally. I just listen to others and trust that they are correct. Latest I heard it was the improved mend pet that was broken, like Ramses said.

    I still hope that they will bring in Resillience scaling. All the PvP nerds are begging for it. Maybe some day Blizzard will listen and we’ll be along for the ride =)

    Would mean I’d have to do some serious PvP:ing though to get my tanking gear >.<

  8. I took the Mend Pet glyph before I knew about the bug because after the glyphs for FD and Revive Pet, it seemed like the least useless, especially because at the time I hadn’t finished leveling my cat to 80 so I was using my gorilla in heroics and wasn’t using Growl.

    The other options still seem more useless than a non-bugged Mend Pet glyph even now, though. Scare Beast? Really?

  9. Scare Beast is great for PvP. Without it, druids always have time to shift out of feral form. >.<

    I’m going with Possessed Strength. Good for those rare times when you have to position your pet when tanking.

  10. hmm… nice 🙂

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