Posted by: ihlos | March 20, 2009

Pet Feat: AQ – Ossirian (S)

Who: Wintergreen of Kael’Thas (80)
Pet: Vindicted Gorilla 80
Group: Solo

Details: 59/12/0 – No SS because it was around 8am and I haven’t slept all night. Left AQ20 ran into AQ40 to see if i could kill trash, farm bug mount, Brood rep (all successfully up to Prophet, he was a no go). Went back into AQ20 after I realized and everything was clear aside from Ayamiss and Buru (attempted both, neither successful). Will be able to get a SS tuesday when it resets.

As for my spec I used the basic pet focused build on the site, but dropped Imp Revive Pet because it wouldnt do me much soloing, and picked up Invigoration hoping it would help my mana. These 2 points were debateable for me but that’s what i ended up with. I used almost the same MT pet build but dropped Taunt and Charge to get 2/2 pet barding. Gear is all 25 man, most of it best in slot, with the 2 piece T5 chest/legs.

For the first three bosses, Kurinnaxx, Rajaxx, and Moam I basically did what Nordhbane did. I had previously attempted this as a fresh 80 and couldnt kill Kurinnaxx or Rajaxx, but did get Moam by sneaking through the whole place and a few well placed, sorry pet FD’s in a safe area.

Trash in front of Ossirian wasn’t a big issue, I died once because I got cocky and didn’t drink full before pulling another. Got meteored for around 13.5k if I recall, with about 186 overkill.

As for Ossirian, I saw a post from someone else who had solo’d it as a prot warrior and used the initial pull strategy they used. I started mounted to get aggro, that way i could get to the first crystal before he got any enraged hits. I had plenty of time to MD macro Vindicted and get him in control before he started getting hit. Ossirian will incapacitate your pet, I’m not sure how often but i probably saw it once every other crystal. I saved FD’s, Deterrance, and TBW for those occasions. My biggest issue was finding the next crystal to run to, sometimes there arent any close or that u can see so have your pet follow while keeping mend pet up on him. I clicked the crystal with around 8 seconds left on the previous crystals debuff because it takes a little while to activate (saw this on another soloer’s post, Think it was a DK). That’s really all there is to the fight, he doesn’t hit to hard unless he is enraged. Basically, Find your next crystal asap, get to it so u can spend as much time dpsing as possible. TBW/FD/Deterrance when your pet gets incapacitated. If you choose to FD wait until your pet is no longer CC’d to jump up or he will come back at you. Click crystals with 8ish seconds on the previous debuff to ensure no enrage. Not sure of how long it took, it wasn’t to bad, somewhere between 5-10 minutes because I used Rapid Fire twice. Killed him on my fourth attempt.

BIG NOTE: The first crystal you click will automatically respawn, it will not remove enrage so don’t ever go back to that crystal again. Learn where it is and avoid it after its first use. Blasted thing caused my third wipe with around 70k left on Ossirian because it doesnt remove enrage.

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  1. Very nice!

    Next time I’m respeccing for tanking I’m gonna try it out again. And that time I won’t be tipsy and it won’t be at 2AM in the morning when I try it 😉

    I only did this boss once or twice on 60 about 3 years ago, and once at 70 where we simply tank and spanked him just to get the achievement. So I was a bit clueless on the fights tactics.

    How long is the pet incapacitated for? And how hard is Ossirian hitting while not enraged?

    I’m glad my tactics worked for you on the earlier bosses, and I’m sure yours on Ossirian will work for me =)

    What did you think about the Kurinnaxx fight? Personally, it’s one of my favourite solo fights in the game. It requires so much awareness, moving, control and nerves.

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