Posted by: ihlos | March 27, 2009

An Ihlos by any other name…

rose …Would still love his tenacity pets. The nordhster tagged me with a lil meme, so now I get to tell you what my name means. I’m doing this for him though, he sounded so distraught when he tagged me, and not for you guys, because if you are looking for meaning in my name, your’e out of luck.

Ihlos, like every other name I have given to a character, has no meaning. I like to just sound things out until I come up with a name that I like. I actually avoid anything that is already a word, like Lolhunter, or pew, or Death…you get the idea. It is true that I do like to thumb through books of names for inspiration, and I confess that Ihlos is actually inspired by the greek name ilos, from the mythical family tree, somewhere down in the noname section.

I also like to name my pets in the same way. What, you thought you could ask a hunter about his name a question, and not get an earful about his pets? The pets’ names must be 4 characters, start with a vowel, and have at least 2 vowels. For those of you who haven’t visited the contact page, the names end up being things like: Iste, Akai, Ohta, Uhre, Ihwe, Ital, and Ehru.

So there you have it. I did my duty. I suppose this is where I should tag someone…. instead I’ll just ask Nordh if he likes my new nickname for him. What do you think? 🙂



  1. The Nordhster. Sounds like a big bad monster truck or a machine in robowars ^^

    And explaining pet names might be a good new meme trivia. =)

  2. Dont tell me im the first one to include pets names without permission! I’ll be pretty busy over the weekend, but maybe on monday, monday, monday i can start a new meme. And just for kicks, ill throw a monster truck theme into the mix.

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