Posted by: ihlos | March 28, 2009

Call Stabled Pet linked to Dual Spec on the PTR

call-stabled-pet Mania reports that Call Stabled Pet, which is on a nasty 30 min cooldown, is now linked to swapping specs, so the cooldown is refreshed every time you swap specs. This is great for alot of hunters who were planning on switching between BM and the other two specs, because now they won’t get stuck without a pet.

This was only an issue if you needed to use an exotic pet. So what this amounts to for tenacity lovers is that now you can use your worm and rhino with BM, even if you only plan to use it for one fight. With no restrictions on pet choice, we are now free and clear to swap to BM for a fight.

Some players have scoffed at dual speccing for ‘pure’ classes, saying that switching between pvp/pve, or dps/dps isnt as meaningful as switching between say dps and tanking for a warrior, or healing and tanking for a druid. But for us pet tankers, dual speccing is amazing. We can go to a raid as a dps spec, all the while representing a valuable resource to our raid, unbeknownst to them. At any time we can pop into our tanking spec, bust out our tenacity-pet-tanking-specced-beast-of-wonder. Need Four Horseman off tanked? Ok.

This is great because it can be a very difficult sell to a pug, or even a guild run, to let the hunter step into the instance as a tank spec. Now we don’t have to. We can speak up only when the need arises, and save the day.

Unfortunately, the need for the day to be saved will diminish. With dual speccing also comes alot more players with the same ability. Need an extra tank for just this fight? Well, chances are there are now a few people with tanking specs just waiting in the wings. So I offer this peice of advice: Be at the top of your game. Have a full set of tanking gear, and know your fights inside an out. That way if it comes down to you and the half geared offspec tanking player, maybe you will get picked, and you’ll be ready to shine if you do.

Beyond this, I’m really hoping for some flukes in ulduar, where pet tanking will be the best option. Maybe it will be some boss fight mobs that do heavy aoe that your tenacity pet could tank off to the side. Anyway, lets keep our fingers crossed.



  1. Yay, they listened to me =D

  2. Unfortunately … Call Stabled Pet is still level 80 only. That’s a big downside for me, but presumably not for most level 80 hunters. :>

  3. Yeah, they should lower it, but tbh, this is still the best news I’ve seen in quite a while regarding the patch =)

  4. I still have an Alt hunter who might or might not be a tank, and having the ability to switch pets on a whim would be nice to have. Oh well.

  5. Question for you Ihlos.

    Given the “tank BM spec hunter talents” and “tank spec pet talents”, what are the inherited AP, Health, Armor for the pet?

    Or perhaps, before considering any talents, what are the inherited AP, Health, and Armor for a pet?

    I know that +hit baseline is the hunter’s +hit rounded down.

  6. Hey Kheldul,

    Most of the info on the pet stats page is still current, I’ll be updating it once 3.1 comes out.


    The pet gets 45% of the hunter’s stamina, and the family modifier gets applied to this. You can also boost this through talents, all of which stack multiplicatively. The max scaling, currently is around 61%. After the patch it will be higher, but I havent hopped on the ptr, so I’ll have to let you know more later.

    The pet gets 100% of your hit, but im not sure if the talent is working yet or not, so your pet may not get the hit from focused aim or whatever its called.

    Your pet get about 35% of your armor last time i checked, but thats been a while now. This can also be boosted with talents, multiplicatively.

    Your pet gets about 22% of your AP, and the new talent tree will increase this, but im not sure by how much, that is, how it will stack the “20%” more ap scaling.

    Your pet also gets 40% of your resistances.

    Your pet gets 12 something % of your AP as spell power

    I have heard others say your pet inherits your crit chance, but so far I havent been able to show this through testing.

    Once 3.1 comes out, I’ll be doing alot of testing. I’ll have alot of work to do on the site. There will be new pets, new talents, new stat scaling, macro changes (mostly RoS), and I’ll likely want to update the tanking page. I’ll have my work cut out for me, for sure.

  7. So what gear would a hunter use for tanking that is different than survival gear, seeing as how we don’t get/need different gear for different specs? Other than the old tier gear that gives health back to our pets.

  8. You would want to grab gear that focuses on the stats that scale to your pet. Things like haste arent as beneficial as straigt ap.

    You also want gear that is high in stamina, like pvp gear, and/or gear with gem slots so you can stack stamina, to give your pet a decent health pool.

    Also of note is the frost resist gear as it has a ton of stamina and multiple gem slots.

    I tend to keep old epics as I upg, sometimes these can make great tanking pieces that you can enchant/gem for tanking.

  9. Eh i’m back from an exhausting weekend and come to find a ton of new posts with lots of fun.

    Lets see, currently stamina scaling is at 63.4%. As it stands now on the Ptr with wild hunt and the loss of 5% base pet health stamina scaling would be at 84.8%. Not too bad of a boost there.

    As far as great pet tanking gear, I would really have to recommend the titan-forged stuff from WG. It is PvP gear with hit instead of crit which scales to our pets. (sort of).

    Stam, Hit and AP are all very useful. Agi is too but AP is better per item level. i.e. 2AP > 1 Agi.

  10. Kheldul:

    For a hunter who receives 1 of the following the pet recieves:
    AP -> 22% scaling before any talents, 26.4% with wild hunt
    Stamina -> 45% scaling before any talents, 84.8% with wild hunt in ptr. (63.4% currently)
    Armor -> 35% scaling before any talents, ~51% after hunter/pet talents. This one isn’t exact yet. (still working some stuff on the formula)

  11. Cool. Thanks.

    Any idea if Defense items (that would otherwise rot as loot) would be inherited? Dodge?

  12. D and D, wont help your pets, however if for some reason you wanted to have your pet as a meat shield and you yourself as another to soak up vast amounts of dmg they might be good.

    Also if it a higher ilvl than what you are wearing in the slot it wouldn’t hurt to grab it for the chance that it might come in handy on the uldar boss: Flame Leviathan who will only scale on ilvl of the player and nothing else.

    I wish expertise was trasfered to the pet, but to my knowledge it is not.

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