Posted by: ihlos | March 31, 2009

Pet Feat: Naxx 10 – Spider & Military wings (OT)

And they haven’t even given turtles thunderstomp yet, way to go Kurasu!


Who: Kurasu of Emerald Dreams (EU)
Pet: Panzer (80 Turtle)
Group: Full raid group (including warrior MT + 2 healers)

Details: We had no raids that day, but a few of us were interested in trying to get hold of some achievements. When we collected the group for it, though, we were sorely lacking in a couple different departments. Namely tanks. In fact, our starting group only had 9 people when we first decided that we might want to give it a go anyway. But only one of those 9 were a tank, and there’s enough areas that two tanks are needed that we didn’t think we could do it.

Enter: The Panzer.

For this raid, I actually took the big, scary step of respeccing to a full-tank build, which was Beast Master/Marksman (the common tanking build). Being as I’m usually survival, I did a horrible job on my own DPS (“Explosive shot isn’t working! … oh right.” “Why isn’t my Lock And Load proccing?! …. oh right.” “Why is there a big pink pe<*CENSORED*> hissing over my head?! … oh right.”) for the first few mobs, which fortunately the warrior was able to tank. By the time I had the hang of it, I and Panzer were ready for Anub’arak.

This was a very simple tanking job: Anub was tanked by the warrior while Panzer handled the mobs. Lost aggro the first time, when Panzer didn’t get good enough aggro on the mob and I didn’t get a misdirect in time, but the other two crypt things summoned he tanked without the slightest bit of trouble, and they were DPSed down without problems. Timer started for Arachnaphobia, and since it was an achievement run, we ran like hell.

The rest of the spider wing, he would hold the Crypt Things for the most part while the warrior focused on smaller spiders, so we could AOE them properly. A few free mobs were quickly growled off a healer, or even taunted.

Against the Spider Queen, it was a matter of Panzer being put on two of the side mobs while the warrior mostly handled the others. With the warrior’s targets being the ones to be nuked, Panzer just had to stay alive, and as has been discussed in the past, a turtle is absolutely ace at that. With only one warrior, we didn’t dare try for that achievement, so we just smashed her the normal way and continued on.

The fight against the big spider was uneventful; only one tank is needed here, so I did what I usually do: turned off taunt, turned off growl, and let the pet chew the spider up while I DPSed. A few kills down, and *bam*. Arachnaphobia, with 1:30 left to spare.

Our next stop was Death Knight wing. At this point, we gained a 10th member: a druid tank. Still, as a just-in-case, I stayed tank build and did, indeed, get to offtank quite a few of the DKs who slipped through the cracks, and not once did Panzer go down against trash.

Nothing particularly eventful to mention against Raz and Harvester, other than the druid tank declaring “I’m going to kill that turtle of yours!” since apparently he kept pulling aggro while we were fighting the boss. Cough. Oops. Right. Remember to turn growl off, Kura.

Finally, The Nordhster gets to be solidly thanked for his technique, since myself and Panzer got to tank the Four Horsemen. And with over 20K HP on the turtle, specced for less spell damage, and Shell Shield on top of it, I’m not sure he ever took more than around 3k damage from any of the boss’ hits, making him need far fewer heals than me. And that’s counting the fact he was standing in shadow fields through most of it. Nordhbane is utterly right: hunter pets are actually one of *the* best tanks for this. I wish I had fraps; I would have loved to show the fight. With only two healers, we didn’t have a chance at the achievement (tried once; died badly). But with the straight fight, other than an odd bug where people who were out of range still got marks (and two died due to it; honestly they were *well* outside the range of marks), not one death occurred.

A good day all around for turtle-kind!

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  1. The name’s stuck on, eh? =P

    As for the death’s on 4H, are you sure there weren’t someone that didn’t die that got a 4th mark? The people that screw up usually survive, it’s the chain lightning that jumps off to other people that didn’t screw up that kills innocent people. And that can hit very far away.

    Good work on the turtling =) I’m really looking forward to 3.1 so I can dual spec tank.

  2. Sweet, ive never made a nickname stick before πŸ™‚

    Yes, 3.1 is going to be great!

  3. That’s very possible. I know they were both complaining rather loudly about the death, since they were well out of range of the mark, and still got ‘marked’. Had someone complain about it today, too, but I’m not completely sure whether that was just lack of care. πŸ˜‰ I’m expecting it was.

    I’m really looking forward to 3.1 myself. The loss in armor is going to be painful, but I’m hoping the new talents will make up for it. Especially if they fiddle with things a little bit more! And let’s face it: Panzer with Thunderstomp. There ARE NO WORDS for the raw coolness factor.

    Plus, I get to tank-spec out my hydra-lisk for when I need high TPS.

    • Heey that’s me in the screenshot too!

      Go Kura, you did a marvellous job

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