Posted by: ihlos | April 1, 2009

PTR Build 9722: New tenacity pet

faerie-dragon april-fools Announced yesterday on the ptr forums was the inclusion of a new tameable pet, the Faerie Dragon. This rare spawn pet will be in the tenacity tree, and from what I can tell, is going to be one of the better tanking pets. To the right you can see the model, which is the standard model for the Faerie Dragon, only scaled up to match average hunter pet size.

The real tanking power of the Faerie Dragon comes from its special move, and its focus dump. The special move, Charm, Costs no Focus, and has no cooldown, save the pet global cooldown. Only one target at a time can be charmed, but you can effectively take one mob out of the battle, severely reducing the amount of incoming damage, and making hunters the new masters of CC.


As if that weren’t OP enough, the tenative focus dump is different from your typical claw or smack. Apparently blizzard was so impressed with Durante and Bubbles tanking sapphiron, that they decided to name the new focus dump after the courageous gorilla.


I see this move being an amazing way to keep aoe aggro, as the radius on the bubbles is pretty decent. Just becareful not to use bubbles if you have any flying mobs pathing above your group. If one of the bubbles gets free from the group, you could pull some unwanted adds.

Personally, I’m having trouble figuring out which pet im going to drop to pick up the Faerie Dragon. After crunching alot of numbers….. like 6, 13, and 129, I’m still no closer to figuring this one out.

Blizzard hasn’t stated where these bad boys will spawn in, so come patch day I’ll need you all to be my eyes and ears.



  1. /giggle

    Only needed to look at the title and then the picture to know what it was ^^ Would love one of those though. Just recently got the minipet. I’d say it’s in top 3 most beautiful things in WoW.

  2. hehe good post,

    I would love to have a super rare tenacity pet with a special like the those in ferocity do.

  3. Epic WIN joke+

  4. I had a good laugh when I saw this. Then I thought “If only I COULD tame that faerie dragon…”

  5. But you CAN because its REAL 😉

    I think that a charm move that wasnt channeled would be an unbelievable pet move, but I think it would become the only pet hunter’s brought anywhere.

    I remember playing my first baby hunter and running through ashenvale, stumbling across one of these things, trying to tame it =)

  6. Oh man that would be *awesome*. I’d finally have to level up a hunter! (I have like 5 hunter alts sitting around… /bad)

  7. TO be honest, I heard that it might be nerfed to use smack.

    I don’t know about you, but Bubbles probably is OP.


  8. awesome!!

  9. I’d never interpret any in game item, spell, or NPC as being named after my faithful simian since that’s an honor Blizzard awards very seldom, but I might have to if some day there’s a primate named Bubbles walking around the Emerald Dream.

  10. Look at the all similarities though.

    Your Gorilla is OP, Bubbles is OP.

    Clearly they are sending a strong message here.

  11. Wow….you got me good. I told myself I wouldn’t be gotten this year…and in a way I wasn’t…since I didn’t see this until the third. Though for the last few days I’ve been looking for where this will spawn. *sigh* good one, but now I’m dissipointed. lol.

  12. awwww, now i feel bad. Sorry about that!

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