Posted by: ihlos | April 11, 2009

Kheldul’s Solo Survival Story

kheldul Although BM is the superior build for pet tanking by just about any metric, I am always curious to know if other hunters are using tenacity pets to tank, coupled with a MM or a Survival build. Of course, soon this will probably become quite rare, with dual speccing on the way, but Kheldul, whom some of you may know from his comments on this blog, has written up a delicious post of his adventures soloing Crypts (BC) with his tenacity pet and his normal survival dps build.

Here is the link to his article I’ve also added him to my blogroll, and I wanted to take a minute to say that if any of you other regular readers have blogs, even if they aren’t about pet tanking, let me know!



  1. Well, i would not think of using a tank pet while not BM . Cause as you said and i agree , it is the best for tankin pet , but i can see a SV hunter pulling it off , might take some time , a little trap or two . and glyph right .

    It is posible , but Improved Mend Pet and the armor / health talents make this an easy feat for BM …

    Maybe that should be a Achievement , Use a Tenacity pet to tank all BC dungeons

  2. I usually run as Survival (have since waaaaaay before WotLK, actually), and have tanked a good many instances doing so. It’s not as effective as Beast Master, but it’s by no means impossible!

    For tanking, I use Panzer and Misdirects, lots of Mend Pet, and the help of a secondary healer to keep the pet up if my Mend isn’t strong enough (which at times it isn’t). There really aren’t any useful glyphs that give a Survival Hunter the edge with pet tanking.

    Let me tell you, though: when you get used to Survival (or Marksman, no doubt) for tanking, and then switch to Beast Master? The difference is *INTENSE*. It’s very possible as a non-BM. It becomes downright *easy* as a BM. šŸ˜‰

  3. I’d think it’s a lot easier to tank with Surv than Marks, thanks to the stam talent.

    Actually, has anyone else tried to make a tankign build with Surv in it, or is it just not feasible?

  4. I think Bubbles uses BM/Surv.

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