Posted by: ihlos | April 12, 2009

Heart of Iron

heart-of-iron2 Eventually i’ll do a raid level gear list of useful tanking peices, but for now l just wanted to share some thoughts I had on new trinkets coming up in the patch. Wowhead has added a lovely new search criteria: “added in patch 3.1”. This quickly leads to the following group of trinkets.

In the lead is the Heart of Iron, with a whopping 167 stamina, and a decent dodge use that could help if you ever needed to take a few hits on your hunter. Furthermore, Bornakk has stated that another stam trinket has yet to be put in the game, which may or may not be why its not in the data-mined wowhead list.

Anyway, this is mostly just a /drool post.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. The “Titan …” ones are supposedly Wintergrasp rewards. I’ve heard both 25 or 35 WG tokens. They’ll be an interesting choice vs. Medallion of the Alliance. They look decent for some PvE situations. Probably a better deal than the resilience medallion for hunters in BGs, but not so much for Arenas.

    The Pyrite Infuser looks like an up over Grim Toll. However, it’s proc chance is only 10%, while Grim Toll is a 15% proc chance. So it may not be that huge an up.

    The stamina trinket will have a long line of main tanks wanting it. How do you compete with that?

  2. I haven’t been able to talk to my guildmates about it yet because of the holiday weekend, but I imagine that I’ll be able to secure one of those after the tanks but before any off-specs. Here’s to hoping it drops plentifully.

  3. Yeah, getting it will almost definitely have to wait until after the tanks get it, UNLESS you can convince your guild to let you tank or offtank an ulduar run, in which case you ‘should’ be able to roll on it as main spec.

    However, your guild might still favor it going to a player tank. But that kind of difficulty comes with the territory when you are bending the limits of what the game allows.

  4. For me, my ‘tanking set’ is something I consider Kura’s offspec. Even if I’d rather do more tanking than full DPS, I’m aware it’s not going to happen. šŸ˜€

    Our guild has a rule for loot: ‘Main character mainspec > Alt character mainspec > Main character offspec > Alt character offspec’. Which means that I’m allowed to poke my hand up and say ‘Main offspec’. If any tanks want it, they can have it first. If none want it, I’ll get my shot.

    I’ve actually got my guild convinced that I’m serious about my desire to tank and have a tanking spec, so I think that this drool-worthy little toy is something I might be able to look forward to in the future, when real tanks have their turn.

    Until then, Surv Hunter LFG Azjol’Nerub Heroic!

    Also, as a note, for raiding hunters who are looking for tanking helms?
    Hyaline Helm Of The Sniper. No better (unless you’re looking at PVP gear). Not only does it have a stamina slot bonus, but it has a blue socket (handy for that stamina gem) *and* a meta gem (in case you need a nice armor gem). Add on to that +86 stamina, hit rating, and a little attack power, and you’ve got a drool-worthy headpiece for hunter tanking. Plus, Sarth 25-man is not at all a difficult fight, if you’re not after the drakes achievements/gear.

  5. Yeah, ive been hoping for that one, but haven’t been lucky enough to grab it.

  6. I’ve had the tanking helm for a long long time. It drops quite often and noone wants it, but me šŸ˜‰

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