Posted by: ihlos | April 14, 2009

3.1 Patch hits

ulduar According to blue posts the patch is going live today, which is great! But, it also means alot of work for me, so yay! There are new pet talents, changed pet abilities, new pets in ghostlands (old pets, new places), changes to the pet stats formulas, a few macro changes, new glyphs…. well you get the idea. I’ll be busy updating the various pages in the near future but be patient with me, I don’t have a ton of free time, and I will want to play some myself as well 🙂

Update: Macros page updated to remove obselete Roar of Sacrifice macros.
Update: I’ve updated the talent review on the talent pages, but ive pulled the talent builds until i settle on new builds.



  1. Taunts: All player or pet-generated taunts now have a shared diminish category. In addition, Taunt-type effects from pets and from classes other than death knight, druid, paladin, and warrior have been set such that bosses can be made immune to them while still affected by death knight, druid, paladin, and warrior taunts.

    This seems to be a big hit to pet tanking. If bosses can become immune to pet tank’s taunts then how can we expect them to hold agro off our hunter?

    Or am I just reading this wrong?

  2. It shouldn’t be. For example during, looking at Death Grip: “..and forcing the enemy to attack the death knight for 3 sec.”

    During those 3 seconds which the mob is forced to attack the DK, out pet won’t be able to taunt off of it. As soon at the mob can change its target normally, out pet will be able to Taunt again.

  3. D’oh, where’s the edit button?

    “For example, looking at”*

  4. The first portion doesn’t scare me, since other classes shouldn’t be taunting when our pet is tanking anyway.

    The second portion does however, as I read it, it means they can make bosses immune to pet taunts but not immune to player taunts. Even this interpretation would not mean all bosses would necessarily be immune, just that they could be.

    If thats the case, its very discouraging, as it will be the first roll back of pet tanking fundamentals since the tenacity’s origin.

    Hopefully I’m reading it wrong.

  5. I agree ihlos. If this only applys the to the talented “taunt” ability with pets it will still be a hit, because in normal raiding we won’t be able to grab agro off a mage that went trigger happy.

    But if it applies to taunt and growl effects, then this is big trouble.

  6. I doubt it would apply to growl, as thats just additional threat, not a ‘taunt-like’ ability. If it did apply to growl, well then that would pretty effectively maim pet tanking in the threat department.

    We would only be able to off tank, and not even perform the ‘second on threat’ function of an off tank.

    Frankly if most of the ulduar bosses are immune to our pet’s taunt, it will mean that people playing with us will just have to be that much better about their threat.

    Another thing they may be doing is trying to limit pet tanking to older content. They make new bosses immune to taunt, and as they release new content they remove the restriction. It seems like something blizzard would do.

  7. I hope you are right. Well at least it is a smaller hit than I was worried about, but it is still a hit. Not being able to taunt off ourselves when soloing an older boss could definately mean death and it greatly reduces taunts saving usefulness in the newer content. My mage friend will have to start watching his agro again 😛

  8. I think you guys are misinterpreting it. I read this as meaning that the boss will only be immune to our pet’s taunt in the few seconds following the taunt of a DK, warrior, paladin, or druid. Unless another player taunted off of your pet and you’re trying to taunt it back in the next 3 seconds, we shouldn’t see any change.

    This shouldn’t really effect pet tanking in any meaningful way. The only thing that might be disappointing about this is it shows that our pets are not being thought of by Blizzard as first class tanks equal to another player, but I don’t think any of us were expecting quite that.

  9. I second what Duante said, its not really a problem as Taunt was never a big thing for Pet Tanks, Its cooldown was too long to be anything significant. We had to outpace others threat with growl plus threat helpers.

  10. I was going to post the same thing earlier, I was all worried. “Oh no, im not going to be able to solo instances anymore.” then I read into it and thought exactly what Duante said. Question is, how man of you are going to switch away from the gorillas? 😛

  11. I am certainly hoping you guys are right, I just can’t see it that way, but blizzard is notorious for wording their patch notes in a tricky way.

    I’ll definately be moving to a turtle for my main pet. I’m going to experiment with my bear too, and I’m considering a worm for the debuff. Ill also be keeping my rhino for fun and one other reason.

    Previously the knockback was a joy because it also served as an interrupt. If that is still in place, and it works on the bosses, it could be a very useful skill for specific encounters, especially if you don’t have any interupts in the raid, or you are light on them. It could also serve as a reactionary move if you get crit, to buy yourself some time. (Knockback plus follow mode macro could buy you precious seconds)

  12. I think Durante’s right. It’s a means to stop pets taunting bosses that are already taunted by players during oh-shit moments where you throw your pet as a 3 second meat shield in front of a boss.

    And as Zwicky talks about, Taunt has never been a good talent for pets anyhow. It can save one dps when overaggroing, but can never be used for aggro switching due to its long cooldown. And it can’t be used for extra aggro (unless someone is not being careful).

    One thing that this does though is preventing army of the dead from aggro-bouncing something.

  13. I have used it for boss recovery a few times when my pet died from lack of healing.

    Pop a quick revive and taunt your way back up to the top slot. We actually recovered and downed the boss. I think it was reg AN.

  14. Your pet shouldn’t die in the first place 😉 But yeah, that’s a decent enough place to use it.

  15. The 3.1 taunt change caused some issues today in 10 Man Vault on the old boss. We had had just finished off the new boss and were set for the EZ mode with the old boss. I was OTing (prot war) and was all set to taunt when the MT was grabbed. So stomp, grab, hit taunt and I see Immune pop up, and dps pulls him away. Thinking it was a glitch or maybe simply resisted, I charge over to him and hit mocking blow. Nothing happens again, but the MT gets released and regrabs aggro. Same story on 2nd and 3rd stomps – immune to taunt. We take him down losing only one dpser, but the MT is screaming at me for not taunting. “He’s immune?!?” “He’s not f’ing immune!” So I go to my log and sure enough, both taunt and MB had failed due to immunity. My only guess was that the MT had hit his taunt right before the stomp which had triggered the shared diminishing return. Just a word of caution for anyone doing 10-man.

  16. Hi, Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

  17. A tank using taunt while having aggro is a noob unless dps is way above him.

  18. I was in naxx tonight and I tried using taunt on some of the bosses. Im pretty sure it came up immune every time.

  19. Wow, that’s horrible news.

  20. Something that might help in the ol’ agro department is the fact that Now Bears no longer have a limit to how many they can swipe. it used to be only 3 targets but now it’s a cone infront of the bear that hits any number as long as the bear is facing them. this means bears effectivly have 2 full aoe attacks at very short timers (one being 7 secs the other 4!) however this does lead to some Focus issues with just the BM talent point to help focus, I’m seeing if adding a point from “Go for the Trought” help it any, so far it’s been just what i needed with just 1 point in it. i’ll find out more as I go along.

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