Posted by: ihlos | April 17, 2009

3.1 Tenacity Pet Builds

talent-tree With much difficulty I have updated the Talents page with talent builds for leveling, off tanking, and main tanking, along with a Hunter build to complement main/off tanking. The difficulty lies in the fact that you have more good talents than you have points for, and you have free pet respecs (with dual spec) anytime you want. So not only do you have alot of options, but the need to make set-in-stone decisions fades. As such, to reach your full potential, you really need to understand how to set up builds on the fly to match whatever you are encountering.

To this end I have tried to only focus on core talents, leaving options open to you and discussing how to make those choices for yourself.

I know that several of you who read this site are very good with theorycraft. My hope is that once I get the forums up and running, we will all delve into the various talents and mechanics. Armed with a deep understanding of exactly how each talent and stat works, we will be able to make solid value judgements on the fly, increasing our chances for success.

I am also very proud of the community we are building. Everyone is encouraging, positive, and civil. It’s certainly a far cry from the warcraft community forums. My hope is that the introduction of forums will foster learning and accomplishment, and continue to build and strengthen our community.

Concerning the forums, I have been playing with a test forum from forummotion, to see if it will be a good fit for us, and so far im very pleased with the amount of flexibility and control they provide. It will be quite alot of work to set up as there are alot of options to set and I want to do it right.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. With the recent taunt change, I’m surprised your talent shows that as necessary, while you’re leaving out a far better talent, namely Last Stand.

  2. Since we can now use Call Stabled Pet to respec our pet on an encounter to encounter basis, I think its worth while adding a build specifically for bosses. [url=]This[/url] is my preferred boss tanking build, taking points from Spiked Collar and Cobra Reflexes and putting them in avoidance for AoE heavy encounters.

    If threat isn’t as much of an issue the points could be taken from Spiked Collar and Cobra Reflexes and put into Silverback, but personally I’m still not entirely sold on Silverback. Even with 40k pet health Silverback does less than half the healing that Mend Pet does. It’s probably be more attractive in a 5-man situation than raid where it would account for a higher percentage of total healing.

  3. With the ability to respec through Call Stabled Pet, it’s probably worth posting a build specifically for bosses. I prefer this build:
    with points removed from Spiked Collar and Cobra Reflexes and placed in Avoidance for AoE heavy encounters.

    Also points could be removed from Spiked Collar and Cobra Reflexes and put into Silverback if threat isn’t an issue, but even with pet HP around 40k it only heals for about half of what Mend Pet will so even in a raid setting it wouldn’t account for a significant percentage of total healing. In 5-mans however its probably much more valuable.

  4. Also I wanted to explain why I don’t take Taunt or Last Stand for my raid boss tanking builds.

    I don’t take Taunt because you can increase your threat through Spiked Collar instead, decreasing the likelihood that someone will pull aggro and allowing other players to DPS harder. Also I find that the DPS watches their threat much more carefully if they know that the tank can’t Taunt the boss, self preservational instinct being what it is.

    I don’t take Last Stand because when tanking raid bosses you pet will get low often and nearly instantly. Conversely, your pets health will also be filled almost instantly. This means that your pet will be low much more often than you can use Last Stand, and by the time you actually use it, your pet will probably either be dead or at full health again.

  5. I have taunt in the off tanking build, since an off tank will be tanking other ‘leuitenant’ level mobs. Thats blizz’s term for what i call boss adds. My guess is that most of these won’t be immune to taunt.

    I have it as an option in the main tanking build ‘process’, depending on whether the boss is immune or not.

    I do tend to focus more on survivability and less on threat, I guess thats just my way =) . I do like that build though Durante.

    I also see what you mean about last stand. I tend to think of that move as more prevention then reaction. If a boss has a big hit that you know is coming, or you wont get healing for some set time, or you know your healers will be silenced for x seconds. That kind of thing.

  6. D’oh, sorry about the double post there. I wrote the first one initially and a little while later it hadn’t gone up yet. Thinking my internet connection had dropped while I tried to post I wrote it up again. That’s what I get for trying to include HTML fanciness.

  7. I see Last stand as something to use for example on Maexxna on Enrage and webspray. When I know there will be huge amounts of damage.

  8. newby tanking question:

    Looked through the specs and have a question on the Hunter spec for tanking.

    I understand the vast majority of choices but i am not sure why either Scatter shot or ferocious inspiration are there.

    What am i missing?

  9. I like scatter shot and, provided that the mob isn’t immune, you can use it to control mobs. It kinda goes with the trapping theme. I think of it as utility, although its probably more useful for soloing or for 5 mans.

    Ferocious Inspiration is just like any other talent that boost the pets dps, to gain threat. It doesnt hurt to aid the group with the buff as well. I like it better than some of the other choices in that area of the tree.

    Also, in the abscence of a good pet tanking choice for talents, i usually just default to dps choices.

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