Posted by: ihlos | April 23, 2009

A talent I’ve never even considered…

readiness …for my pet tanking build is Readiness. I haven’t put alot of thought into this, but all this talk about threat in the forums got me wondering about builds that include Hunter Vs Wild. Im not sure yet if such a build would make sense, but it did cause me to look at Readiness and have a different, and maybe crazy, thought.

If we were willing to give up BM 51pt, ie four talents, we could grab Readiness. No argument there.

That got me thinking about inital threat. Does readiness reset pet abilities? Even if it did, it wouldn’t do much for growl, it might do a little for thunderstomp, and then a varied benefit depending on the pet move*. It would reset Kill Command, Intimidation, NOT Bestial Wrath, and Misdirection.

So the thought is that it could reset almost all of the moves we use for threat, allowing us to double up once in the beginning of the fight to build a nice tasty amount of threat. The other benefit is that if timed right, Bestial Wraths 18 seconds could cover using all of these moves twice, increasing the benefits by 10 and 50%, respectively.

Furthermore, for each additional 3 minutes the fight lasted, we would get an additional use out of each cooldown. The important ones all have cooldowns that are factors of 3 minutes, so aside from the GCD staggering usage, we would get most of the impact.

Like i said, this was just a spur of the moment idea (literally developing as I write), and there may be not much to it. It comes down to whether the above bonus is worth 4 talent points. Maybe sometimes it would.

Whether or not anything at all comes of it, its always a worthwhile endeavour to question things and try out new ideas when it comes to our talents.

So let me know what you guys think.

**Even shell shield would be nice to pop for free in the begining, allowing your healers to hold back and let you build inital threat, especially if there is complex positioning to do, and you don’t start generating threat right away.

PS ooh and dont forget potential chain Last Stand for a really tough enrage, or reseting Shell Sheild for timed events such as Maexxna’s web wrap.

EDIT: Scratch the pet part, it should only affect Hunter abilities.



  1. IMO, while Readiness is nice for hunters who are focusing on their own skills, I don’t see dropping those extra 4 points in talents to be worth this in a pet tanking build. The only thing off the top of my head that I can think of it would be good for is an emergency casting of MD or Intimidation.

    Really, the extra points in overall pet stats/abilities, for me, trumps this by so far it’s not even a half-thought for me.


  2. I was exploring this one as I went =)

    Usually I dont post anything I don’t think through, but I was in a weird mood yesterday.

    Once I found out it for sure wouldnt affect pet abilities, the idea kinda fell flat.

    Still though, I wouldnt mind testing out the ability, just to see how much more, if any, threat I could get out of it, and how lame it would be without the extra points.

    I’m also looking to the future when the next expac comes out and we get more talents and points. Since Pet Tanking isn’t the primary goal of any of the three specs, we may find that a hybrid build makes more sense in the next round. But, in order to see that, we will have to be open to searching out new paths, and be familiar with the talents on the fringes of our builds before a hybrid build becomes possible.

  3. I think that the best way to build up enough threat would be to use a bear, give it all of the +damage buffs in it’s talents, get both the pet focus bonuses and lastly use MD every sec you can. using EotB seems way to complicated over just using MD and a nice heavy Scatershot or if there are more then 3, use Explosive trap, it counts as the pets for all the targets it’s first explosion hits even past 3, and it’ll send the pet right to it. of course pull, if you can, wile you only have 5-10 secs left on MD duration so you do it again right away, and lastly make sure your have Beastal wrath activated with Kill command active. if that’s not enough at that point, have your dps slow down, or you simply need to increase your AP.

  4. I think AP was my main issue. Also i was specced more for offtanking and focused alot on stam. (Sartharion)

    I think with a shift in gear and talents i can get my threat up to a reasonable level.

  5. one thing that helps me is the simple fact I’m an orc =P but it’s still hard, I know you have it easier then the other allied hunters with your pet’s +1hit but it’s a rough thing, getting enough threat.

  6. As soon as I realized that giving up the 51 point BM talent would prevent me from putting a second point in Wild Hunt, I stopped considering Readiness for my Raid Boss MT build. For a trash/OT type role or against bosses with less powerful but faster attacks where the pet takes less spike damage it might be worth it though.

    Keep in mind that if your main reason for taking Readiness is the additional threat, it would have to outweigh the extra threat you could get with 4 points additonal in Wild Hunt, Spiked Collar, and Cobra Strikes. Also in order to keep your BM tree at 50 points you’d be short 2 points from filling TBW, Longevity, Cobra Strikes, and Kindred Spirits.

  7. I’m not sure what you mean about the other hunter talents, you could get all of those still. (also, TBW isn’t really vital imo)

    Also, you could choose to sacrifice other talents and still pick up those pet threat talents.

    I probably won’t even try to test this out, im just kinda exploring ideas, and in a crazy moment I posted =)

  8. To get to the tier with Longevity, TBW, and Cobra Strikes you have to have 40 points in BM already. That means that if you’re putting a max of 50 points in BM to get Readiness, you can only get 10 of out the 12 possible talent points in Longevity, TBW, Cobra Strikes, and Kindred Spirits.

    You’ve got a good point about being able to skip TBW, but you’re still going to be leaving a point out of one of the others.

  9. Ah I see now what you mean. I was thinking about this last night and I’ve got too much else to really worry about trying this out anytime soon.

    I wanted to give my new build/gear/gems a whirl to see what kind of threat I could generate, but I wasnt able to get a group for anything.

  10. Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂
    Thank you

  11. I know I’m a bit late to the party here, but I just want to point out that Astiroth is WAAY off kilter with threat generation through MD. Using something with LESS damage output like Scatter Shot or Explosive trap is a BAD idea, especially if it is a single target. If the worry was a three target pull (since an Exp Trap would only hit the first 3 targets anyway), then Multi–shot would be the best bet for high damage which would equal high threat gen for the pet through the MD.

    Sorry, I don’t usually like to drag up ‘dead’ threads and poss, but felt that was needing to be addressed before anyone else started using it and was trying to figure out why their threat sucked. I have just found this site while trying to do some theory crafting on pet tanking of my own and am taking for granted that MD works the same for xfer’ing threat to the pet as it does to a player MT in a raid.

  12. There’s no problem dragging up dead threads, and theres also room for polite disagreement, which I think you have kept your post to.

    This pet stuff is on the edge of the mainstream so we don’t have a sea of hunter voices reinforcing the ‘correct’ way to do things. So we only have each other to straighten us out. These guys find all my mistakes and quite quickly too 🙂

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