Posted by: ihlos | April 28, 2009

Pet Feat: Heroic Obsidian Sanctum (MT/OT)

sartharion2 Now that we have a section on the forums for people to post their own feats, I’m going to scale back posting on the pet feats. As of now I intend to post anything with raid content posted on the forums, anything else that catches my eye from the forums, but also anything you guys want to send me. If you want it up here, send it to me. This one is sent to me from Kurasu, and has been up on the forum for a bit, so you may already know about it, but it took me a few days to sort out how I was going to go forward with posting pet feats. Congrats to Kurasu on this acheivement!

Where: Obsidian Sanctum Heroic
Who: Kurasu of Emerald Dreams (EU) (80)
Pet: Panzer (80 Turtle)
Group: Full raid group

Description: What had originally supposed to be a 25-man attempt on Malygos and Sarth 2d/3d unfortunately ended up as a rather anemic 21-man. A 21-man where one of the two tanks was rather unwell already. Our first pull was a bit of a tragedy, with mobs running every which way, many people getting struck down and killed, and some very unhappy yelps in every direction. Feeling tired and grouchy myself (and I’m willing to admit it), I pulled on my tanking suit, summoned my turtle, and declared something about going tank for this bunch.

“No, really. We’ll be fine.”
“Are you sure?”
“Seriously, don’t worry about it.”

About that time, the pair of Onyx Sanctum Guardians got too close and aggroed on our party. One tank ran for the mobs. I sent my turtle to the other, immediately pulling aggro with a ‘Taunt’. One of the healers (I don’t know who, but damn; thank you!) started throwing heals on Panzer, and we were able to gun down the PC-tanked mob, turning to the Panzer-tanked one. The turtle didn’t lose aggro, and the mob was downed.

Raid Leader: “…. carry on.”

And so I did, proceeding to join in offtanking most of the trash, and main tank both Vesperon and Shadron (Tenebron was left up for a Sarth 1D) and doing so quite handily. With Growl, Thunderstomp, and a couple MDs just to make sure (though to be honest, I don’t think they would have been needed), Panzer was able to carry it through without more than a couple close calls. This included a very uncomfortable moment when Shadron was pulled as we were fighting trash, and Panzer was forced to hold him while we finished off the trash and *then* went portal-diving. Fortunately, we had on-the-ball healers and he had Shell Shield.

For the record, I offered to offtank Sarth or Tenebron, but at that point, folks weren’t quite willing to experiment as much, and so I got to (read: had to) go back to DPS for the fight. Still, the words ‘Carry on’ was probably the biggest success I’ve ever felt with the whole ‘pet tanking’ thing.

No photos, unfortunately; still, with how successful this was, I have high hopes of being allowed to MT the drakes again at some point.


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