Posted by: ihlos | April 30, 2009

Comparing Trinkets for Pet Threat

wrathstone I have been considering trinkets for boosting pet threat, and comparing the various options available at the higher levels of content. There are limited options when it comes to defensive trinkets for pets, and it can be difficult to obtain them since tanks are usually given the first shot. So it naturally made sense to look at threat for at least one of the trinket slots. I make at least a few assumptions when making calculations.

-You have at least the AP threshold for growl (Around 2k), which means any AP from trinkets will have their full effect through growl.
-You have both points in Guard Dog.
-You have 2 Points in Wild Hunt.
-I’m only going to calculate straight dps from scaled AP and growl bonus threat.
-Calculations are rough and meant to show the relative benefit, not hard numbers.
-Proc based trinkets will vary as you are not always dpsing.

So lets compare the following trinkets:
Wrathstone, Pyrite Infuser, Bandit’s Insignia, Fury of the Five Flights, and Mirror of Truth.

Some quick observations
-First off, The Pyrite Infuser is obviously superior to the Mirror of Truth, having hit instead of crit, and granting more attack power, but the Mirror of Truth is easy to obtain, So I included it.
-Secondly, we observe that these trinkets all act differently (with the above exception).
Wrathstone is ‘on use’,
Pyrite Infuser is ‘chance on crit’,
Bandit’s Insignia grants passive AP,
Five Flights is ‘on hit’,
and the Mirror is also ‘chance on crit’.

This presents a dilemma. While pet tanking we have to be moving, using pet skills, using hunter skills like mend pet, intimidation, and misdirection. Therefore, the ‘on hit’ and ‘on crit’ trinkets are going to be less effective than they would be in the hands of DPS, and it is hard to quantify how much less.
-Thirdly, ‘on use’ and ‘passive’ items have the benefit of being used for initial threat, they start working right away.

So lets break each one of these trinkets down to learn how much benefit to threat we should get.

Bandit’s Insignia
As far as straight AP goes, 190 is currently the highest amount you can get on a trinket. Shandara’s spreadsheet calculates the DPS of the trinket at 44.42 DPS. For threat we can calculate an extra 285 (190 * 1.5). With 3.5 second growls this comes out to 81 TPS. Your pet will also get an additional 49 AP (26% of 190) which translates to an additional 3.52 dps. So the total additional TPS you can expect is 84.52 TPS.

Pyrite Infuser
This trinket also gives +hit, which if you need more to get to the cap, has value. If you don’t need hit it becomes a total waste, so I’ll leave hit and crit off my calcuations. The Pyrite infuser procs on crit, and Shandara’s sheet calculates the uptime for these trinkets. (using durante’s stats cuz thats what I have loaded and he is a stud)

We can calculate this using average and uptime, or on a per proc threat basis.
-Using uptime, the average ap gain is 155.6, yeilding 68.46 TPS.
-If we calculate it on a per proc basis, its harder. We know that in the 10 second window we will get at least 2 growls, maybe three. If you look at the timing, 83% of the time we get 3, and 17% of the time we get 2. We get an addtional 1,851 threat from each growl, so on average we get an additonal 5,238 threat each proc. According to the sheet you will get a proc every 80 seconds or so (with durante’s setup). Add in the smaller amount from ap scaling (231 extra threat) and it comes out to about 68.36 TPS.

Fury of the Five Flights, Mirror of Truth
Since both methods yield basically the same result we can use the short method for the next few.
Fury’s average additional AP is 307, yeilding 135 TPS, and will be a smoother threat generation.
The Mirror of Truth gives 126 average AP, yeilding 55.44 TPS.

This one is different. We control when the proc happens, so we can easily calculate the threat over time.
We get 856 AP for 20 seconds every 2 minutes. Thats an average AP of 142, yeilding 62.77 TPS

For each use of this trinket you can expect anywhere from ~6,712 to ~7,991 extra threat over the 20 seconds.

-The Fury of the Five Flights gives the smoothest and the largest threat generation of all by a very considerable amount. It will also come closer to its potential when we are not focused on dps. Crit based trinkets are more likely to suffer when we are focused elsewhere. It is not surprising that this trinket provides the highest since it only yields AP.
-The Bandit’s straight AP yeilds more threat and smoother threat than its bigger brothers, Wrathstone and Pyrite Infuser, which have higher I levels. However those trinkets also have crit/hit which may swing the balance.
-The Wrathstone has the unique ability to generate an large amount of initial threat, which may just put it ahead of the pack.
-The Mirror of Truth is the worst, but is the easiest to obtain.
-Considering which two trinkets to get, im wavering between Wrathstone/Fury and Wrathstone/Pyrite. It would depend on how much hit my tanking set had. Obviously if i could get the hit elsewhere, I would want Wrathstone/Fury, for great initial threat and smooth, high sustained threat.

Again, the calculations here are rough, and you may not always see these levels of threat due to the proc-based nature of the trinkets. Hopefully though, this will help you to evaluate which ones are best for you. When I started this little investigation, I was surprised by both the bandit and the Fury trinkets, I did not expect them to stack up so well against the other trinkets.

I had originally not included Darmoon Card: Greatness because I was mistaken as to the proc chance, which is actually 35%. This gives a static 90 AP and an average AP from the proc of 95.65, yielding an average of 81.86 TPS. Its still not as good as some of the others, but worth considering, especially for fans of the faire.



  1. I’m assuming by ‘Fury Of The Five Nights’ you are refering to Fury Of The Five *Flights*? Or is there a new trinket I’m unaware of?

    Not being picky here; I haven’t been looking at Ulduar’s loot tables whatsoever so I can get the delight of a surprise; as far as I know, there *is* a new trinket there. 🙂

  2. Yeah, i knew it was Flights, i just kept writing nights. I actually was fixing it right as you commented, not quick enough for you guys

    No thats the cool thing, the Five Flights is one of the best and its not from new content, which makes it a great trinket to get yourself geared for newer content before you go.

    I’ve only seen it drop once, and I didnt win the roll, but I will be continuing to hit up OS for it.

  3. I’m not too surprised to see FotFF come out on top on this one. While its a little dark and mysterious how Blizzard works item budgets, FotFF uses its entire budget on AP.

    That’s exactly why proper trinkets are good for pet tanking. Since their entire item budget is often spent on one or two stats, there’s very little waste on less useful stats like armor pen and haste.

  4. I didn’t realize that it granted that much tps actually. I’ve been using my two jewelcrafting trinkets that grants over 100 stamina each. But with a good healer and in high threat situations, perhaps I should keep my Fury on.

  5. Doesn’t Darkmoon Card: Greatness also give your pet a slight armor boost because of the extra AC your agility gives you? It’s probably not enough to make a difference as far as your relative rankings go, but it’s worth mentioning.

  6. No, youre right the 300 agi would provide 600 armor (according to wowwiki) to the hunter temporarily, of which 45%, or 270, would transfer to the pet. This armor would be affected by any armor talents you had as well.

  7. Don’t forget the static (90 * 2)*0.45 = 81 armor provided without the proc! Woo!

    But hey, I guess it’s a way to balance threat with survivability in a trinket that doesn’t come from a random drop, or even from raiding or instancing for that matter. And it’s supposedly the best trinket for Survival DPS, if you happen to be rocking that as your other spec (as I am).

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