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consumables Today it occurred to me that I haven’t put together a list of useful consumables for pet tanking and soloing. Although most of the potions are obvious, some might not be, and its always handy to have a list in one place for comparison. Feel free to mention any other potions you find useful!

Elixirs and Flasks
Elixirs can be Battle Elixirs and Guardian Elixirs, and you can only have one of each type at a time. Flasks count as both a Battle and a Guardian Elixir, and persist through death. Ive also included less expensive versions in parentheses if you are strapped for cash.

Elixir of Accuracy, 45 Hit Rating, Battle
Wrath Elixir, 90 AP, Battle ( 60 AP )
Guru’s Elixir, 20 to all stats, Battle
Elixir of Protection, 800 Armor, Guardian
Elixir of Mighty Thoughts, 45 Int, Guardian ( 30 )

and situationally: Elixir of Demonslaying, 265 AP vs Demons, Battle *Jury is still out on whether this applies to the pet*

Flask of Endless Rage, 180 AP, Battle and Guardian ( 120 )
Lesser Flask of Resistance, 50 to all Resist, Battle and Guardian

-With only one notable guardian elxir, you are basically weighing 180 AP vs 800 armor and one of the other Battle Elixirs (and the fact that they don’t persist through death).
-If you are likely to die often, an AP flask is probably your best bet, but you limit yourself to only extra threat. Going with the elixirs is more defensive.
-If facing a demon (mostly in old content you crazy soloers) then Demonslaying and Protection are by far your best combo.
-Don’t overlook Guru’s elixir. With talents you get 20 stam, 40 AP (through agi and int), and 36 armor (agi). Its not the best, but it is nice and balanced, and in terms of budget is only a little behind other choices in terms of budget. It is also the only stamina option.

There were only two potions that really stood out to me.

Indestructible Potion, 3500 Armor for 2 min
Shrouding Potion, Permanently reduces 1500 threat

-Obviously the shrouding potion has limited potential due to feign death, but it still could have its uses.
-The indestructable potion is a great way to get through a tough spot, and if the fight is longer than 2min it can be used right before the fight and then again any time after the first two minutes. Great for reducing the initial healing needed.

For food our choices are pretty straightforward. You aren’t going to get any more than 40 stam out of anything, but you do get a choice between AP and Hit, whichever you need. The great thing is that food is a good balance in stats and nothing is wasted.

80 AP, 40 Stam
Fish Feast
Mega Mammoth Meal
Poached Northern Sculpin

40 Hit, 40 Stam
Worg Tartare
Snapper Extreme

Pet Food
Spiced Mammoth Treats, 30 Str 30 Stam ( 20,20 )

-A fish feast is great if someone has one, but the other options are less time consuming to obtain, and if you need to level a pet, Mega Mammoth Meal requires killing.

In the absence of a matching (and stronger) player buff, you can supplement your pets stats by applying scrolls to your pet and/or yourself.

Agility VIII: Gives AP, Crit, and Dodge on pet, AP scaling on hunter.
Intellect VIII: Gives 1:1 AP scaling on hunter.
Protection VII: Armor on pet, Armor scaling on hunter.
Stamina: Health on pet, Health scaling on hunter.
Strength: AP on pet.

So there you have it, I didn’t spend too much time on this, so if anyone sees anything I missed, speak up!

UPDATE: added in scrolls (if youre missing player buffs), pet food, and elixir of mighty thoughts.



  1. Does the bonus AP from Elixir of Demonslaying apply to your pet? I haven’t tested it (or any of the other type-specific items), but I assumed it didn’t.

  2. Hmm, I haven’t tested that either, although I just assumed it would, but you may be right.

    I assumed it would at least scale with growl since growl will check hunter RAP every tick, but perhaps the AP bonus is applied on the back end of an attack, making it inaccessible to the pet.

  3. I really doubt it gives extra threat and AP since you don’t actually get the extra AP on your character sheet, you only do damage as if you had more AP. It would require a lot more calculations to make it scale to the pet, something which I don’t think Blizzard cares too much about.

  4. Consumables is a part of the tame that many people seem to ignore, but they are the sole reason while I am leveling a priest that does potions now. I just don’t have enough time 🙂 does anyone?

  5. […] Big Red Rhino takes a look at Hunter consumables. […]

  6. you are forgetting the 2 other important factors, 1 is the +crit chance food, and the Spiced Mammoth Treats, They only buff your pet and they rock. don’t forget there are also scrolls you can get from inscripters, and though your buffs from scrolls no longer stack and they commonly get eaten by other buffs, you can always use Protection which is strait up armor, that i think will stack with devotion, but you can just carry them for when your without a certain class buff.

  7. I’m also a fan of Blackened Dragonfin:


  8. Don’t forget Kibler’s Bits for your pet. Yes they’re BC but the Spiced Mammoth Treats are the same stats and lazy people can pick up buzzard meat cheaper than Mammoth meat on the AH (depending on your server’s economy)

    Also Sporeling Snacks for the Spirit/Stam combo if you’re so inclined. I’ve never had a caster pet.

  9. A) In response to the original topic, you’ve forgotten an important one: Elixir of Mighty Thoughts gives +45 Intellect, which means +45 AP, and it counts as a Guardian elixir.

    B) RE: Drole, Kibler’s Bits and Spiced Mammoth Treats no longer give the same magnitude of stat buffs. This was changed in 3.1, although it never made it into any patch notes that I ever saw, data-mined or otherwise.

  10. Don’t forget Elixir of Mighty Thoughts. For anyone spec’d into Careful Aim that’s another 45 AP, plus a larger mana pool and as a Guardian Elixir it stacks with Elixir of Wrath.

  11. Elixir of Mighty Agility +45 agil (Battle) and Elixir of Mighty Thought +45 Int (guardian) gives great increase, and can be used together

  12. I think you kinda forgot [url=]Potion of Speed[/url] under potions.

  13. Indestructible potion? Ehhh??
    Hunters are not exactly supposed to get hit by physical damage… Sure there are exceptions in encounters but I would definitely save my potion for either mana, healing, rejuvenation or perhaps even potion of speed, which you didn’t mention at all.

  14. I like food and flasks with mana regeneration too, especially for 10-man raids where I can run out on long boss fights.

  15. Spicy Blue Nettlefish. I eat crit for raid. Also Blackened Dragonfin.

    I think at some point for a hunter AP is worth less than crit. At this point I always go crit.

  16. Scarz: I think you’re missing the point of the posting. This is for pet tanking. Haste does little for pet tanking, as haste doesn’t carry into your pet. Therefore, Haste pots are frankly quite useless. However, extra armor and stamina are both of great use to a tanking hunter.

    Mana and rejuvination are both useful, but they aren’t useful consumables for a pet tanker. Not like the extra armor from the pot would be, though I find the short ‘ticker’ to be a bit lackluster for tanking stats.

  17. Oh, Spiced Mammoth Treats are better now? Missed that completely.

  18. Kibbler’s are now +20 (reduced) to both and the mammoth are +30 to both, yeah it was undocumented in 3.1.

    I think people missed the boat on what this blog is about. The indestructable potion is the only good potion out there. Mana = blah, health = blah, haste is worthless.

  19. To be fair, WOW insider linked to this post in a post round up with 5 or so other posts and since then about three thousand people have followed that link to this site.

    I coud see a few people in there misunderstanding =)

  20. Wow. Three thousand people? Congratulations, Mastertonk. 🙂

    Anyway, for consumables, I felt I should point out that if you are looking for TPS on your pet as opposed to armor, a possible potion is the Wild Magic Potion. The +200 crit goes toward physical crit as well, giving you a brief boost for GFTT. The spell damage will probably go unused, of course.

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