Posted by: ihlos | May 12, 2009

Recent Blue responses regarding pets

Ghostcrawler Recently Ghostcrawler has been having a substantial and ongoing discussion concerning hunters, and several statements caught my eye concerning tenacity pets. The thread is quite long and full of a ton of other topics, and can be found here, and for your convenience I’ll sum them up here. Let’s start with the most interesting quote

I wish Blizz did remove the ability to “buff” pets by raid buffs and simply let them scale with all the Hunters stats..

Crit rating, Armor Penetration, Agility, Attack Power, Haste

That way it would open up ALOT more gear possibilities..

Yes, we agree with all of that (more or less). The barrier in this case is technical — it’s just not set up to work that way, so it’s not a quick change. But we would like to eventually get that fixed.

Obviously more scaling is great, although it would probably come at the cost of a dps nerf. Agility would be great as we could then have the opportunity to obtain extra dodge if we wanted to. The nerfs would come in the form of losing the abilty to recieve straight buffs, most likely…

I think part of this problem goes back to pet scaling and how well they benefit from buffs. That may have accounted somewhat for the initial success of hunter dps.

Pets scaling from buffs is a problem. If we had the tech, we would let pets benefit from buffs but prevent the pet from getting extra scaling from the same buffs on the hunter. That would solve some of the problem.

Well, you have to assume that Blizzard nerfed ferocity pet damage precisely because they thought pets were doing too much damage (presumably across the board)… so asking for pet DPS to be boosted again is probably going to be met with deafening silence 🙂

We don’t think it’s a strong design to have too much of your dps tied up in the pet, because then you are really crippled when it dies and we aren’t going to provide you with 100% certainty that that isn’t going to happen.

And also this was mentioned about Roar of Sacrifice, which means that we aren’t likely to see RoS returned to its former usefulness.

We can understand how Roar of Sacrifice was cool because it gave you some utility you could share with the rest of your team. Maybe there is some way to bring back that functionality, possibly in a different ability.

All in all, we can only hope that the implementation of this design is favorable to pet tanking, as they probably won’t be considering pet tanking in their balancing of pet dps and scaling. Let’s hope that it opens up stats and gear to us in a whole new way.



  1. Thanks for the link to the thread, I went and added my thoughts!

  2. Thats good, I know they do read those threads, and they listen to good ideas.

  3. I made a post on the thread myself, imploring the developers to remember pet tanks when adjusting how buffs effect hunters and their pets.

    Using the example of my own raid boss tanking set in my spreadsheet, I showed how removing the additional stacking of buffs like Kings and Fort from the stamina a pet inherits from the hunter can reduce the pet’s HP by upwards of 5k.

  4. What page?

    Nevermind i found it. I’m going to echo your thoughts and add some in myself.

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