Posted by: ihlos | May 21, 2009

Tenacity’s Mini Lineup

dunmorogh_cub Between getting into pvp, and my desire to pick up the dun morogh cub (pictured left) from the argent dailies, I have been thinking about the tagline for the blog, “All things Tenacity Pets”. So far, this site has been about the talents, soloing, tanking and that sort of stuff, and hasn’t really dealt with other stuff out there. I have already expressed my desire to start including more pvp stuff, but more than that I want to branch out and really start covering all things tenacity pets. This is not to say that I don’t also want to cover tanking issues, no, I still do and I still intend for this to be the main thrust of the site. I just want to cover more stuff about tenacity pets on top of that. Why? Because i’m a big fan of tenacity pets. I think they are great!

Soooo… to kick off this new trend with a bang we will address what might possibly be the farthest thing from serious raid-level pet tanking… vanity pets. And because we want the best source for vanity pet info, we are going to turn to Breanni’s

Let’s do this!

Ok bears are easy. Iconic warcraft fare, we have a few great choices, some of them quite new. Here’s a link to all bears.

blizzard_cubBaby Blizzard Bear, Poley This little guy comes from blizzard’s fourth anniversary or the coke promo, so you can’t get one now, but if you have one, it matches the white bears nicely.
panda_cubPanda Cub This guy doesnt match any of the tenacity models but is a tenacity pet at heart! This was obtained through a collectors edition of wow so you may still be able to grab one.
dunmorogh_cubDun Morogh Cub This may be the only one obtainable, and certainly through in game methods. Its a great match for the black bear and is next up on my list to get.

Ok, so there isn’t too much in the way of boars, the closest we get are pigs, but they aren’t really in the spirit of tenacity. They look more like piggy banks.


Well really only one crab (unless you count Mr. Pinchy) but a great one! Also the Jewelcrafting figurines are like mini pets but they aren’t permanent companions like the rest in this listing.

strand_crawlerStrand Crawler This guy is the first so far that is actually just a smaller version of a pet model. A must for crab lovers! You can get this from the Dalaran fishing dailies.

Fans of the crocs have a few different skins to choose from, and can obtain these guys from the outland fishing daily “Crocolisks in the City”. From left to right: Chuck, Muckbreath, Snarly, and Toothy



bananasBananas Sadly the only way to get this is the tcg, which can be expensive. On the flipside, he pounds his chest and scratches his belly just like his older sibling.

I have to admit im kind of wondering why a mini rhino hasn’t made its way into the game yet. I am confident these guys will eventually make it into the game, at which point BRR will have a new mascot!


durotar_scorpion Durotar Scorpion Obtainable through the Argent Tournament, this is another model that is a direct match to the pet model.


speedySpeedy This lil guy is a cartoony version of a turtle, but he has a rare roar so watch out. You get this guy from the children’s week quest chain.

Warp Stalkers, Worms
Unfortunately, there are no Warp Stalkers or Worms that I am aware of. I thought I had seen something about these, but nothing is in the game as of now. Both would make great mini pets though so I wouldnt be surprised to see these down the road.

And thats it. A big thanks to Breanni over at warcraft pets, and if youre reading this, perhaps a filter based on matches to hunter pets would be a cool feature for your site. With the other three families there are quite a few that would match.



  1. There are snakes, and snakes are almost like worms ;P

    Nice sum up. I usually go with either my latest minipet or the Argent Tournament kid, just for the pure fact that you have a kid running around with you. Makes it even more fun when you put a biscuit on it. They grow up so fast *sniffles*

  2. I thought about snakes. I couldnt quite equate them with worms but i could see that.

    Having the kid out gives me the willies. I think its only because blizzard made a comment about not having human or human like pets because of the slavery tie in.

    I realized that the squire doesnt really fit the bill, and isn’t offensive (its probably the best candidate to break that rule) but it still creeps me out.

    Not that it really matters, my trusty hawk owl is my main pet anyways.

  3. It’s exactly the reason I have him out, because I have a human kid slave. ^^

  4. Who would really want a small worm though? Worms need to be BIG!

  5. I would love to see a worm from Worms! With Bazooka and Grenades.

  6. FYI, even though it’s called a Durotar Scorpion, you have to go to Desolace to tame a hunter pet with the same skin.

  7. Lol nice catch gorman, thanks for the tip off =)

  8. Still no Warp Stalkers…they’re my favorite tenacity.

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