Posted by: ihlos | May 28, 2009

Off Tanking 4 Horsemen

ZeliekLady B After an initial burst of interest in pet tanking from my guild, the novelty of using my pet to tank has worn off a bit. An abundance of player tanks has rendered further opportunities to tank few and far between. So I was pleasantly surprised to be asked to off tank on four horsemen last night (10 Man).

I offered to tank both with a healer but they preferred to have me as my own unit. I wasn’t sure how that would work out, but I was willing to give it a shot. So I busted out my BM build and my turtle and was ready to go. I didn’t swap out alot of my usual gear for threat gear, as the threat mechanics are spatial, but I also didn’t swap out for heavy stam gear. I didn’t think I would need it, and I was right. Of course, had I needed it, the extra stam, in conjuction with shell shield, would have been great. I talented my turtle for zero threat extra survivability. Here is the build I went with. In the moment I was debating about taking last stand or not, and whether or not there was aoe dps. Either way would have worked for sure.

The only time I took any heavy damage was when the other tank didn’t switch right away, and I took the pain for it. A quick heal from one of the front healers and I was back in business. Shell Sheild was definitely necessary, I kept it up as often as possible. During its use my pet would often get back up to full for a few ticks, so extra stamina would be worth its weight in gold if you were struggling to stay alive.

Making the switch with the other player was not much of an issue, with me standing near the middle I sent my pet to the other boss. If the other player wasnt at the middle as my pet approached me i put the pet on follow to give them some time, and then sent the turtle on its way as the player crossed the midpoint. If the other class is a healer ask them to throw a hot or something on you and your pet as you pass them.

Lady B’s void zones can be ignored by the pet as stated in previous feat articles, but watch out for them with your hunter.

Other than that you are free to dps, something that a self healing player doesn’t have the (full) freedom to do. Wewt.



  1. Grats on the tank, but too bad they didn’t let you take both. I find tanking only one a bit of a waste of a player since you and your pet will still take the damage if your tanking or if you’re standing on the side. The only difference being that the if you’re only taking one, you have to heal yet another player tanking. And if it’s the healer himself doing it, it’s a lot of unecessary cast pushbacks.

  2. Yeah the pushback is the worst part imo. If they are healing you and the pet they might even have time to do some dps, as well as you and your pet doing dps.

    Can you stand far enough away to fire your bow/gun and still ‘tank’ it?

  3. You only have to be within range of their spell at least to tank it, or at minimum within 15 yards or so. Basically if you’re out of range of the one boss’s mark, you should be in range to tank the other.

    Because of this, depending on whether I’m in 10 or 25 man and whether or not my pet has its own dedicated healer, I sometimes forgo tanking gear and instead wear normal raid gear with 2 piece T5 substituted in, and stay survival spec. This translates into 2-3 times the healing effect from the T5, which can outweigh the benefit of extra Stam in the less bursty 10-man version of the encounter.

  4. Also allowing you better dps after the first two bosses are down

  5. Hunter & pet dual tanking is our guild’s standard practice for 10 man 4H now. With Call Stabled Pet and dual spec resetting the cooldown, I can bring my bear for this one battle easily.

  6. Indy, great to hear that! =)

  7. I gave this another go last night, trying to tank both at the same time and get healed. It was unsuccessful as the healer didnt stay farther from the boss than i did. I needed to be a little bit away from the boss to keep mend pet up.

    We reverted back to the previous way and it worked out just fine.

  8. With a dedicated healer, why would you need to keep mend pet up? Did he suck that bad? ;D

    Also, the healer should be on the same side as the pet. This solves the issue with him being closer than you, plus you can be at a bit of ranged without problems.

  9. Hmm, my thought was that i could keep my pet up with mend pet no problem, so the healer should be on my side healing me, and I would heal the pet.

    I wasnt thinking about the range of mend pet, and the healer couldnt adapt and stand behind me on my side. Now that you mention it, i guess it would just be better to have the healer on the pet side

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