Posted by: ihlos | June 4, 2009

Blizzard’s new direction for pet scaling

Ghostcrawler Well, if all the crazy changes to hunters and the game in general haven’t proved to you that blizzard is evolving, this will certainly be the last straw. I first noticed the new philosophy when they changed the deadzone. Since then we have had a series of changes you-thought-would-never-happen-and-blizzard-said-they-would-never-do. Another such change was the additions of more stable slots. In general, this trend has been favorable to pet tanking, and from this post by ghostcrawler, we can expect further benefit to pet tanking:

We think it’s probably time to let pets scale, to some extent, with resilience and spell pen.

The way pets scale from the master’s stats was implemented (on our side) in a slightly clunky way which made it difficult to add additional stats. In BC, it took some effort to kill a pet so it wasn’t a burning problem for us. In LK, we have bumped up pet health a few times, but we are thinking now that the balance will never work right without some crit mitigation. Pets will never scale right with gear as long as the master improves in ways that don’t benefit the pet.

We have a new way to let pets scale, and assuming it works, we should be able to give the pets scale with all relevant stats from the master, from hit to haste to crit. Some things will need to scale at 100%, since it’s silly to have your pet inherit part of your +hit.

No promises until you actually see it live, but that’s what we are thinking at the moment.  

It was not long ago that ghostcrawler was pretty firm about pets not getting resilience. And now it looks like the pet will get some resilience, and other stats too. From what is said here, we can expect to see all relevant stats transfer to the pet. Unfortunately that means we probably won’t see anything like defense scaling to the pet, but we may see dodge and crit, which could drastically change the priorities we have for tanking gear.

Primarily, though, we can probably expect to get our pets to crit immunity through scaling resilience. This will mean that pvp gear will now hit big on our radar for pet tanking gear. Also, we may see some boost to pet threat with things like haste scaling, armor pen, and crit. All we need now is to get our taunt back =)

So, what stats do you guys think should get scaled to the pet, and which stats would you like to scale but can only hope for?



  1. To most of us this wont be news, ive been out of the loop for a few days, and my account on our forums here has also been screwy, not letting me see new posts.

  2. If our pets get more of our stats, I want more then ever to have a full god damn pet window that displays everything from their Dodge rating to there their Experiences and all that sort of thing.

  3. Looks like we’re getting pet scaling with resilience in 3.2. In addition, our pets will be expertise-capped and spell-hit-capped once we hit the hit cap, based on my reading of the patch notes.

    Looks like we can take those points out of Animal Handler now!

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