Posted by: ihlos | July 6, 2009

Chugging along

heart-of-iron1 Well, it has been just over a month since my last post, and not without reason. Personally and professionally I have been absolutely swamped. A beloved co-worker has passed away, which has been extremely difficult for me, but I have taken alot of encouragement from my interactions with his family, who have been extremely friendly and shown alot of inner strength.

Needless to say this has left me with little time or energy for writing, experimenting, and just playing warcraft in general. What time I have had to play has usually been used as a destresser, not as a hard core/experiment/push the envelope session. When I write I like to put time and research into it, and even then I make way too many mistakes (and you all spot them for me 😉 ), so I can only imagine how bad it would be if i rushed something.

I have been ducking in, reading the forums, checking out the news from other sites. I am interested to see how pet scaling will play out, especially with resilience (are we sure if this will work in pve yet?). I am amused at the reports of the worgen pet, and although I don’t have any interest in having one, I am tempted to go for the ‘difficult tame’ just for the sport of it.

On that note I have actually decided to tame a bird of prey for my fifth and final pet slot, which has been ‘vacant’ for some time. I had tried to level a crab for pvp, but I just couldn’t get into the crab. I have always been jealous of the passion that mania has for her crabs, but im just not feeling it. So ive decided to go with a flying pet, and I love the owls. Between my Wolf, Bear, Turtle, and Rhino, ive got alot of four-footers, and I was definitely feeling the lack of diversity.

Lately Ive been treading on the lighter side of wow, getting acheivements, reputation, non-combat pets, etc. My guild is breaking into ulduar slowly but surely, and I have been able to make about half of the sessions. On the pvp side I have been trying to up my game, which aint great as long time readers will know. Im in Best In Slot pvp epics for gear that doesn’t require arena ratings, and I have yet to get a solid team together, but I have a couple leads. I got the honor of running about 30 games with one of the better pvpers on my server, and I learned alot from the experience. It was consequently alot of fun, as we went 25 and 8, if my memory serves me right.

All in all, Im chugging along, trying to make it through the rough patches, and still enjoy life in the process. I hope all of you are doing well in these difficult times.

Let the Hunt begin!




  1. Glad to see you back on the blog. My condolences (however which way you spell that).

  2. To tame the worgen pet, you need the quest to kill Garwal. At 50% he transforms into a worgen. The trick is to tame him at the exact moment he turns worgen.

    This can be done by either a delayed dot (wyvern), or having a mate take him down below 50 just as you finish the taming.

    I’m gonna try and get one on my lvl 72 hunter! =D

  3. I am starting to feel tempted to tame the worgen too. I don’t think I did that quest, but I too have been a bit swamped of late and didn’t manage to build up the strength to go do it.

    Incidentally I also recently tamed a bird of prey, it goes nicely with the MM disarm. It is still level 77 though :(.

  4. Thanks Nordh, its good to be writing again.

    The mechanics of the tame are just as interesting as the mechanics of the ghost wolf tame, which tempts me, but the truth is I just dont want a worg pet. To top it off, I had just a few minutes to play yesterday, so I went and tamed myself gutripper. All I have to do now is figure out what I’m going to name him.

    I have to say that I am very happy with my new owl. I hadnt tamed anything new in awhile that gave me that excitement that comes with getting a new pet you really like, and the owl quenched my thirst for that very feeling. The owl fits everything I like in a pet. Its ‘realistic’ (its based off an actual animal), it fills a purpose so that I’ll actually use the pet (pvp in this case), its cool looking, and it feels like a friend.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your co-worker. But it’s good to see that you’re doing well and having fun in WoW 🙂

  6. Pft. Gutripper. Get yourself a bright blue parrot from Sholazar. It might not be a ‘difficult tame’, but you have to admit: a squawking Bird Of Prey is amusing to say the least. 😀

  7. I hate birds of prey, they are just irritating.

    And unfortunately the worgen is hotfixed, and everyone with it can’t talent it, it’s got 50% less HP and it can’t be fed. So most likely it can’t gain happiness and will run away eventually. Might be a nice townpet until then though.

    I couldn’t tame mine because there were a lot of stupid horde failing over and over and over again when I was there to tame it, and me as a lvl 72 alliance didn’t really have anything to put up against them. And once they were done failing, it was hot fixed and no longer tameable.

  8. Im sorry to hear that nordh, I was wondering if I should just go tame it for the sport of it, but they hotfixed it so fast I didnt even get a chance to log so that was out.

    Yeah kurasu… not so much into the brightly colored pets 🙂 I like subtle.

    Its been a while since i had a bird of prey. Back then it was just an owl, no talent points. Whats irritating about them?

    @Faeldray: Thanks! 🙂 yeah its good to enjoy all the different aspects of the game. Wow is very rich, and I think acheivements opened that up to alot of people. I know I get stuck in the “gear is everything” mentality sometimes, so its nice to take a break from that.

  9. They are big, they are flying in the face of melee, they have screeching sounds, they flap their wings, they look ugly… Simply irritating.

  10. For the record, pets can get as unhappy as they like. They will not run away any more. They just do less damage.

  11. Argh .Double-post because I hit ‘submit’ too soon. 😛

    I actually used to use a carrion bird as my MT for the use of Screech. It had an AOE threat-grabbing effect that could hold aggro well enough to keep them from gravitating to me when my mana regen procced (I was Survival back in TBC, and the mana-regain proc would pull aggro; don’t know if it does any more). I actually quite enjoyed the screeching sounds. Of course, I wasn’t melee, so I didn’t have it in my ear all the time… 😉

  12. I’ve been on vacation for a little over a week so I’m just reading this for the first time now. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, but also very happy to see a new post adorning the pages. =)

  13. @Durante: Thanks, its good to be writing again =)

    @Kurasu: Interesting use of screech, I wasn’t really trying this stuff out back then.

    @Nordh: Sorry to hear they bug you so much. Really though, the annoyance to melee is a plus for pvp, and Im loving the mana battery aspect of the cunning tree.

  14. Eek. Sorry to hear.

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