Posted by: ihlos | July 22, 2009

Armory Data Mining: Tenacity

gorilla In one of my recent posts I expressed the desire to cover more aspects of the tenacity pet family, so when I saw this site posted by mania, I jumped on it. Zardoz recently added pet data, which I found very interesting. The problem was that I wanted to see the data with regards to tenacity pets, which wasn’t easy to see. So I have taken it upon myself to rearrange the data as much as possible.

The Basics
The sample was 12,448 level 80 Hunters with 44,861 pets. This is a pretty small sampling of hunters, it should be vaugely representative of the general population, with some room for error. Three fourths of these hunters had at least three pets, and the average number of pets is around 3.5. Keep this in mind, since we can’t know what these pets are being used for, or if they are even being used at all. I always try to have each pet in my stables serve some purpose, but of course many pets out there have been in the stables from the fotm crazes.

The Families
How does tenacity stack up against Ferocity and Cunning? Well, this one plays out as I expected.
Ferocity 28,666 (63.84%)
Tenacity 10,856 (24.18%)
Cunning 5,383 (11.99%)
I see this as reflecting the common consensus that Ferocity is for raid dps, Tenacity is good for leveling, world pve, and pvp, and cunning is….well….hard to define. Utility? PVP?

Tenacity Pets vs all other pets
When comparing the popularity of individual pet families, tenacity fares a little better in my opinion. Cats are the most popular, then wolves, which is expected. Third on the list is Gorillas, and they even beat out Devilsaurs. (Probably bc BM is no longer a ‘top spec’ for raid dps) Bears do well, and tenacity pets dominate the upper-middle range. There is also no tenacity pets at the bottom of the barrel.

Here is the order of tenacity pets within the entire pet population.

6.40% Gorilla
4.80% Bear
2.10% Crab
2.00% Boar
2.00% Rhino
2.00% Scorpid
1.70% Worm
1.30% Warp Stalker
1.10% Crocolisk
0.80% Turtle

What is surprising to me is the turtle being at the bottom. Gorillas being at the top makes alot of sense as they were recently the most powerful tenacity pet and the best aoe grinder pet by far.

Just Tenacity Pets
Of the 10k tenacity pets in the mix, I want to look at how each pet stacks up within the tenacity tree. The order doesn’t change, but you do see what percentage of tenacity pets each pet family makes up.

26.45% Gorilla
19.84% Bear
8.68% Crab
8.26% Boar
8.26% Rhino
8.26% Scorpid
7.03% Worm
5.37% Warp Stalker
4.55% Crocolisk
3.31% Turtle

So gorillas are roughly 1 in every 4 tenacity pets, Bears are 1 in every 5. Why bears should be so high a percentage of the overall population is less clear to me. I love bears personally, but they have never been a flavor of the month pet, so I attribute their popularity to their asthetics and their ease of availability, especially in the lower levels.

Family Breakdown
The family breakdown lets us see what pets are most popular to be tamed, with an unfortunate cut off of 4%. This means reverse engineering the data has its limits. We see some trends here, most notably that when a pet has a northrend version of itself, it usually at or near the top of the list. For pets without a northrend component, outlands versions also rank high. To me this means that alot of people go for an easier tame, and don’t want to travel to far to get a specific pet, especially if the skin they want is availble close by. Named creatures do well if they have a unique skin.

21% Icepaw Bear
18% Arctic Grizzly
8% Grizzly Bear
5% Ice Claw Bear
4% Shardtooth Mauler
4% Rabid Grizzly

25% Rotting Agam’ar
20% Plagued Swine
8% Elder Mottled Boar
7% Agam’ar
7% Ashmane Boar
4% Snorts

43% Kili’ua
14% Giant Tidecrawler
8% Fjord Crawler
6% Landing Crawler
4% Pygmy Surf Crawler
4% Encrusted Surf Crawler

31% Spirit of Atha
28% Spirit of Koosu
20% Mangal Crocolisk

27% Hardknuckle Charger
14% Uhk’loc
9% U’cha
8% Hardknuckle Forager
8% Elder Mistvale Gorilla
7% Jungle Thunderer
5% Hardknuckle Matriarch
4% King Mukla

38% Wooly Rhino Bull
30% Shardhorn Rhino
12% Ice Steppe Rhino
11% Ice Steppe Bull
4% Wooly Rhino Matriarch

59% Scorchshell Pincer
13% Scorpid Bonecrawler

16% Sand Turtle
14% Snapjaw
11% Saltwater Snapjaw
10% Steeljaw Snapper
8% Ghamoo-ra
6% Mudrock Spikeshell
6% Kresh
5% Oasis Snapjaw
4% Gammerita
4% Coralshell Lurker

Warp Stalker
43% Warp Stalker
23% Warp Chaser
17% Warp Hunter
14% Blackwind Warp Chaser

27% Tundra Crawler
15% Hulking Jormungar
11% Snowdrift Jormungar
10% Roaming Jormungar
8% Infesting Jormungar
7% Ravenous Jormungar
6% Ice Heart Jormungar Feeder
4% Disembodied Jormungar

By Model/Skin
All this is well and grand, but what really drove the whole thing for me was to find out which skins of each pet were most popular. Again, the 4% cutoff makes my ability to truly asses which skins are most popular difficult, but we can still get an idea. Lets Look at each family individually, but before I do, lets quickly see the top 3 tenacity pets by count.

#1 Black Gorilla (976)
#2 White Bear (926)
#3 Northrend Worm (671)

Now by family

white-bear White Bear
While at least 43% of the tamed bears are white, there are alot of options for bears, and so after white you see a very even spread of colors. You can find white bears at both the start zones and northrend, so this may account for the bear’s popularity among 80 hunters. The other skins all range in the 5-10% range. The northrend Ice Paw is the biggest contributer to the White bear’s popularity, and this is a good example of ‘northrend availability’ playing a big role in pet skin choice.

blue-armored-boar Blue Armored Boar
Here is a good example of a named creature with a unique skin being very popular. Rotting Agmar is the only mob with this skin and snatches first place among the boars in the sample. Close behind is the Undead model, followed by the Brown Armored skin. This is interesting because each of the top skins is only found on one or two models, meaning that a majority of boar owners were very deliberate in their choice. This makes sense with the boar’s history as being a much beloved “undiscovered secret” pet. It also jives with what ive seen of boar owners in general.

blue-crabSapphire Crab
The clear winner here is the sapphire crab, at least 43% of tamed crabs in the sample. Next up is Ivory, and then Vermillian, but even combined they don’t quite add up to the sapphire model. The biggest contributor to the Sapphire’s popularity is the named crab Kili’ua, which is northrend and so is probably a choice of convenience. Perhaps Mania can provide some more insight into the mind of a crab owner 🙂

Technically, the River skin is the most popular actual crocolisk, even though the hydra and the crocoslime ‘bugs’ both have more in the sample than the Mangal crocolisk! 🙂 My apologies for leaving these guys out! I accidentally left them out as I copied the data over and it went downhill from there!

black-gorillaBlack Gorilla
The gorilla is a very interesting animal. Black Gorillas are the clear winner at around 34% of gorillas, and are available in northrend and stranglethorn, but the grey gorilla is also available in Northrend. Grey, Red, and White all hover at around 15% each. Red and White are mostly made up of the named Uhk’loc and U’cha, and grey seems to simply be the less popular northrend option. Gorillas were the flavor of the month with a monopoly on thunderstomp, and it looks like many havent given up on their gorilla just yet. It will be intersting to see what happens to them in the future.

slate-rhinoSlate Rhino
The Slate Rhino is probably the most popular, but not by much. With only three skin choices, the Rhino is one of the most limited in terms of choice, and players choose them in almost even numbers. Slate is 38%, Brown at 34%, and White at 22%. I believe white was added in later, which may account for its lower number. Since all rhinos are only found in northrend, and there are no named rhinos, this seems to simply be based on preference on color. Except for Romping Rhinos, which are very rare. Perhaps they are too quick for the average rhino lover.

black-scorpidBlack Scorpid
The scorpid is also somewhat odd in this sample. Black Scorpids are at least 59% of all scorpids, and the only thing close to that is Pink, of all colors, coming in at 13%. Scorpids are not available in northrend, but aside from that, they are very common and there are several other choices. One could chalk this up to the fact that scorpions are typically black in the movies (are there other colors in nature?). The problem with that is that the ‘black’ scorpion isn’t even really all that black in my opinion. Also, why is pink the runner up? Who knows, but it might have to do with the scorpids popularity in pvp drain games for a season.

blue-turtleBlue Turtle
Turtles are surprising to me in many ways. First, that they should be so near the bottom of the list was a bit of a surprise for me. Also though, is that though turtles have several skins to choose from, its a fairly even spread among all skins, with blue coming in a tiny 25% of turtles. The turtle is also one of the few families with a northrend option that isn’t the number one skin choice. Personally, I can’t even settle on which turtle I love the most, the Red/Blue, the Green/Yellow, or the Blue/yellow. Currently I have the Red/Blue, which was my first turtle love from Blackfathom Deeps, but I have been very tempted to relevel a blue/yellow as of late.

white-warp-stalker White Warp Stalker
The warp stalker is a outlands only pet with only three choices, one of which has been buggy. This very unique looking pet is somewhat of a mystery to me. Gezzarak is a named and unique skin, but with so few choices it seems not to matter. I am unsure of the tameability history with Gezzarak historically, and avaiability may play a role in its popularity.

purple-wormNorthrend ‘blue-purple’ Worm
The worm family is dominated in the sample with a whopping 88% (minimum) of worms being the northrend skin. To me, the northrend model being different than the old world model plays a role here. The northrend model is alot more detailed and savage looking than the old models. Combine that with the availability of the northrend option and you have one popular choice.


So, that gotta be the longest post in a while 🙂

I hope you found this look at tenacity pets interesting. I know I have, but now I’m very curious to know what pets are YOUR favorites, the tenacity pet lovers. I’ll be doing a series of polls on favorite families, number of tenacity pets, and favorite skins in each family, and we can compare the results once we are done.


  1. Very cool post. I’d love to see the same for the other 2 trees.

  2. Thanks, yeah this took too much work for me to even think about doing it for the other trees, and this is a tenacity pets site 🙂

    The calculations are pretty straightforward though, if anyone had the motivation to do it.

  3. “Why bears should be so high a percentage of the overall population is less clear to me. I love bears personally, but they have never been a flavor of the month pet, so I attribute their popularity to their asthetics and their ease of availability, especially in the lower levels.”
    I assume it is because they are the current top aoe pet (debatable with crocs), combined with the fact that you can tame a lvl 80 bear (see how high the level 80 bear is represented among bears…) makes it a great choice for grinding/questing/dailies. I for one never used one before 80. I guess it was a natural choice as an upgrade to the gorilla I used for volleying at 70.

  4. […] Red Rhino took a more detailed look at the data on Tenacity pets that Zardoz dredged up. (You know, I think someone needs to make a blog devoted to Cunning pets. […]

  5. Where’s the crocolisk love? I know their model percentages have been thrown off by the fotm sholozar basin pets, but you could have at least mentioned them.

  6. LOL i knew i was missing something!

    Update: added in the croco-hydra-slime

  7. I’ve got a new report up that shows skin popularity directly. You’ll find it via the menus at my Google app site.
    Arranging pets by talent tree instead of alphabetically is something I just didn’t think of – I never spent much time as a hunter in the game. I’ll see if I can rearange the data to emphasise this side of things.

  8. sounds great! Trying to reverse your numbers wasnt super accurate 🙂

  9. “Why bears should be so high a percentage of the overall population is less clear to me.”

    I would attribute their popularity to swipe.
    Just like gorillas’ rise in popularity due to thunderstomp making them a great AoE pet, with all tenacity pets having thunderstomp swipe gives the bears just that much more aoe/threat.

  10. I agree I love swipe, I just know that alot of people didnt like the directional component, so when the gorilla had thunderstomp everyone sidelined bears.

    I guess after the change they all went out and got bears.

  11. Interesting look at the data. Thank you.

    I have a sapphire crab on my main hunter. I thought it was different because I usually see red ones on my server. Well, a couple of red ones that were higher level anyway. I chose sapphire because there is only one in Durotar. Now thanks to Kili’ua, it appears to be not that different anymore, aside from the fact that crabs are pretty rare as a family.

    My dwarf hunter, who was my first but is only level 20, has an Ice Claw Bear because I didn’t know at the time that they lost their special ability. But he still worked well, so I’ve kept him.

  12. Great post! As far as warp stalkers go, Gezzarak the Huntress was only available between WOTLK’s release (but when tamed, she could not be healed except for Mend Pet, and other players could not target her–plus she was unable to attack other players in PvP) and 3.0.8 (which fixed all of her bugs). When summoned, she would appear in a bolt of red lightning, but they removed that in 3.1, as well as the wind serpent Arikara’s smoke-cloud effect upon summoning.

    She was a very hard tame and warp stalkers aren’t all that popular–which is a shame, since mine has never let me down–but a few lucky people like myself still have her, and as far as I know I’m one of only two people on my server with her. I tamed her when I was level 73 (she’s originally 72) and went through Northrend with her.

  13. I was going to comments to bring up the ‘Gezzarak’ stuff as well, as I’m one of two hunters on my server who run around with her as well. If there’s others with one, I’ve never seen them. 🙂

    Gezzarak’s targeting-problems made her a serious disappointment for most people, which is one of the big reasons she never became a FotM pet, even though she has a unique skin and is an extremely difficult tame (which, conversely, seems to draw people out of the woodwork most of the time).

    I’m just glad that I was patient with her; I don’t use her much even today, but the skin’s just so gorgeous that I didn’t want to get rid of her even before she was fixed. 😀 I miss the lightning bolt ‘summoning’ effect, though. That was the best part.

  14. I would have used a bear, if not for the turtle’s ability to shield itself, which has saved it’s skin (and mine) on numerous occasions when I over-estimate my abilities and pull too many mobs.

  15. Good post thanks to The Instance for showing me this site!

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