Posted by: ihlos | July 23, 2009

Warcraft’s next top…Tenacity Pet!

Camera You may have missed it, but at the very end of my last post, I expressed curiosity to know what you, my readers, thought about the various tenacity pets. So what we are going to do is use the polling system to find out which tenacity pets are your favorites, and which ones you don’t really care for. I have gone back and forth on whats the best way to set this up, and I finally just gave up and settled on blasting you all with two polls for each family and hoping you don’t get tired of it by the end.

But first, I’d like to collect some general information about tenacity pets, as well as give myself one last chance to rethink the format for the rest of the questions. If any one has any suggestions for other good questions to ask, let’s hear em!


I’ll be moving this weekend to a new place, so I’ll be busy and without internet for a while, so you guys should have plenty of time to get your votes in. In the next post I’ll ask about each family and I’ll even throw in pictures for convenient polling! And now Im going to abuse my power and be the first to vote! 🙂



  1. you forgot the 0 (zero) option on the first one

  2. You are right, I guess i was only thinking about the tenacity lovers, but it would be interesting to see how many readers don’t actually have any tenacity pets.

  3. Nice start…but the first question (how many tenacity pets in stable) sucks for people like me that have multiple hunters. I’ve got two 80’s that have 4 tenacity pets across 7 stable slots. So I just picked how many are on my Main. 🙂

  4. You could average them too, but your main is also a good choice 🙂

    Thanks for contributing, the follow up questions will be less character specific, focusing more on the individual’s likes/dislikes.

  5. Last question I picked which one I preferred to play with, but not nescessarily which one I wish I could play with if only it had the same talents.

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