Posted by: ihlos | August 24, 2009

Cataclysm’s stat overhaul…

141741 I’ve got to get you guys the summaries for the poll we just took, and I will… but this couldn’t wait.

I’ve been reading through the streams of info from blizzcon about cataclysm, and most of it is pretty cool. I don’t know about some of my favorite zones getting blown to bits, but there is plenty to distract you from that. No more mana, Human and Undead hunters, pet scaling, pet talent tree choice….the list goes on!

What really has me worried is the stat overhaul as summed up on wowheads blog.
I’ll cut out all the non hunter stuff:

  • Attack Power = GONE! Agility now gives 2 ap for rogues, hunters, shamans, and druids!
  • Defense = GONE! Tanks now receive ALL their anti-crit from talents!
  • Armor Penetration = GONE! Replaced with “Masteries” through the talent trees!
  • Block Value = GONE! Blocks will now be a REAL mitigation stat, preventing a % of incoming damage!
  • Hunter Mana = GONE! Will be replaced with “Focus”, which is similar to rogue energy, but regens faster when you use Steady Shot.
  • Hunter Ammo = GONE! Replaced with an item, not a consumable!
  • So why does this have me worried?

    Well, because hunter tanking has always seemed like an afterthought to me, our buffs, and a few of our nerfs, always seem intended to fix some other problem, not to buff or nerf pet tanking. Furthermore, we have only had one official post about pet tanking and blizzard’s intentions, as far as I know.

    So this leaves us with a stat system that will likely ‘unintentionally’ either screw us over, or accidentally set the stage for a new era of pet tanking. Im worried about the first one.

    Our pets have stamina, and a handful of mitigation stats. The only way to boost survivability was to stack stamina. Recently we got resilience, providing us with crit reduction. Now, it looks like we may be stuck with stamina again, with no hope of crit immunity, since its only achieved through talents. There is a random hope, however, that we may be able to wear bear druid tank armor and really go off the straight and narrow to stack random defensive stats. I’d also hope for some blocking talents in the tenacity tree.

    In the threat department, we may be a little more safe. Talents and attack power scaling is where we pick up our threat, which needs alot of help. Who knows, maybe we will get lucky here.

    The stat change is not the only looming threat to my tenacity focused site here. They are considering letting us choose our talent trees for our pets, basically allowing any pet to be a ‘tenacity’ pet. Talk about blurring the lines this site is built on! If that change goes through, I’d have to completely reimagine the site. Any thoughts on either of these topics is very welcome.

    I promise I’ll get to those poll results šŸ™‚

    EDIT: These thoughts are pretty raw, and I was considering something else, and that is how they plan to handle dodge from agi. If our pet gets scaling agi, we may just get a mitigation and threat stat that features heavily into our natural gear. Of course, this will have limitations, as hunters, rouges, and enhance shammies can’t have a game breaking amount of dodge.



    1. I think until we get more info on HOW Blizzard is implementing these changes, it is useless to worry one way or another. We just cannot know if this will rock or suck until we get our hands on the changes.

      Cataclysm is not happening until Xmas at the EARLIEST. It might be 6 months before we even see these changes. Until then, I’d rock with what we got.

    2. […] BigRedRhino is concerned that the stat overhaul will ‘unintentionally’ screw hunter-pet …. This is a very real concern that I hadn’t considered. It’d be nice if we were able to specifically talent FOR tanky pets now that the talent trees are being adjusted – while Blizzard have said very, very little about pet-tanking, what is the purpose of tenacity pets otherwise? AoE soloing? An entire class of pet just exclusively for that? I’m hopeful that Blizzard will – if not supporting it or making it easy – still permit hunters with tenacity pets to tank to a reasonable extent. Time will tell. […]

    3. This is something I hadn’t considered. I hope that if Blizzard won’t officially condone pet-tanking that they’ll at least leave the possibility open for those hunters with enough creativity and a willingness to bend the accepted rules of the class.

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts once we have a clearer idea of how this will all shake out!

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