Posted by: ihlos | August 26, 2009

BRR’s first anniversary

Cake Well, in some ways its hard to believe I’ve been doing this for an entire year, in other ways it feels like it’s been way longer. I started getting into some theorycraft and just researching my character in general, posting my findings on my guild’s forums. Shortly after that I got into the wrath friends and family beta and started seeing the changes to pets and saw the awesome direction they were going in with pets. That inside knowledge, coupled with a reawakened desire to use my pet to tank 5-mans, (I had liked the idea before, but never thought it possible) got me started writing this blog.

I knew nothing of the blogging world at the time, I had no interest in them at all. But then I was looking up how hit chance worked for pets and landed on 35 Yards Out . I suddenly realized that wow blogs could be very informative, and decided to put all the stuff I was researching out there for anyone to find. My lack of knowledge of the hunter blogosphere only sped me towards deciding on the name of my blog, Big Red Rhino, completely unaware of the thousand pound gorilla in the other side of the room. I started checking out mania’s blogroll, I was familiar with her site (what hunter doesn’t love petopia?) and soon realized my faux pas. But by then I was very attached to my name, and I wasn’t about to change things.

And the rest most of you already know. I have been lucky to have found a great community based around a love for tenacity pet’s and their great abilities for tanking, soloing, and aoe grinding. Oh, and let’s not forget pvp! πŸ™‚ I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next patch and expansion, alot is changing. It may be that changing up the focus and idea behind this site will be the natural course of things, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the changes bring. Depending on how reaching the changes are, we may need to change the scope here.

Frankly this has been something I have been toying with for awhile now anyways, regardless of the possible ‘choose your own tree’ change. I really love all the pets, even if tenacity pets are far and away my favorite. One idea i’ve had is to include the other families, but to avoid the subject of raid dps, focusing more on all pets in terms of soloing, grinding, tanking, pvp, etc. I’d love to hear what you guys think of the idea.

What I’m really looking forward to is getting into the friends and family beta for cataclysm and sharing all the news here on the site. There will be an abundance of changes to the hunter in general, and I am very eager to get my hands on them asap. I’ll be sure to have spoiler warnings for those who like to be surprised πŸ˜‰

I’d like to thank all of you who follow the site, and also to those who post in the forums. Cheers!

Also, a special thanks to pike, for my first comment, and to everyone included me in their blog rolls early on, especially mania πŸ™‚

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. Yar doin’ good works.

  2. Congratulations!

    And thank YOU for all this wonderful information.

    *brings out a virtual cake and lights the candles*

  3. I always thought your name was purposly based off BRK!

    Haha, what are the chances of that?

  4. Thanks Kheld and Fae!

    *blows out candles*

    Yeah i felt pretty sheepish about it, but I did get an email from daniel giving me a *hat tip* concerning the content of my blog, and then I didn’t feel so bad.

  5. Heh, pretty amusing that you chose the name as a coincidence!

    I’d be interested in hearing you discuss other pet classes outside of a raiding environment. I’ve found that even my ferocity pets do a good job in PvP and they hold single-target aggro extremely well. The point is, I suppose, that lots and lots of people discuss pets in raids, not so much what they are good at (or not!) outside.

    Congratulations on your first year at any rate!

  6. I have to admit: there’s a zillion other sites out there focusing on pets, but only one focused on pet tanking. I come here for tenacity pets and pet tanking. If I want something else, I go elsewhere.

    Now, bringing other pets into the tanking family (like if someone tanks and/or solos with ferocity) would probably be OK, but it’s sort of leaning in the ‘dangerously close to turning into Yet Another Hunter Blog’ that way.

    My vote: keep it the way it is, BRR. You’re doing great. πŸ˜€

  7. Well, if they change the trees to encompass all the pets, to keep the site the same we would have to then just look at all pets and their special abilities in the light of pet tanking and separate the pets from the tree, looking at tanking and tenacity talents in their own light, instead of being tied to a third of the pet families. I could see that working out.

  8. Congratulations Ihlos. I’m surprised its been a year already, and I’m glad that you’ve made it to hopefully the first of many milestones. You’ve not only given us an informative blog, but you’ve created a community for pet tankers to come to and share stories and ideas, discuss strategy, and occasionally just socialize with other like minded individuals.

    As far as what you should do with the page, and you should just do whatever you want. Its your blog and doing what you want with it will keep your writing better than it would be if you were trying to force something. Personally I think you’ve found a great niche talking about tanking with hunter pets and I’m happy as long as you don’t lose that.

  9. Thanks for a great year. You’ve given us all inspiration.

  10. Cool site, love the info.

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