Posted by: ihlos | September 1, 2009

Bubbles Tanks 25 man Hodir

gorilla Well, Durante has done it again, and frankly I am impressed and inspired. He has done a full write up in the forums and you can watch the video below and see the awesome in action!

Durante has been eyeing this fight pretty much ever since we first got the details on the ulduar bosses. He had some trouble getting his guild to give this a shot, as we all do. I was especially impressed with his gear layout. Full pvp gear and frost resist set mix with stam trinkets, all gemmed out with epic stam gems, save the meta and meta-requirements. Thats alot of cash and time put into the preparation for this fight. The cool thing is that hopefully he can use the gear on some other fights.

I haven’t heard yet the reaction from his guild, but my hope is that the success of the encounter will open their minds, and the notoriety that the feat will bring for the guild will be appreciated. I can assure you this is the first time hodir has ever been tanked by a pet!

Let’s hear it for the dynamic duo!



  1. Wow. That’s one tough gorilla.

  2. you have proven to be a god amongst Gorrillas

  3. The best thing about this to me (as I mentioned in the forum) is that when I commented, ‘Now that Panzer is crit immune,m think I can try? Huh? Huh? Can I?’ …. my guild master’s sincere answer was ‘We can try the next time we’re there, but you’d better know the fight; I don’t want another reason to be wiping’.

    Serious, genuine recognition thanks to Durante’s feat. Doubly-wow!

  4. My only question is, did they have to constantly ToT and MD the gorilla? Otherwise how would they down Hodir before enrage without pulling off of him?

  5. ToT doesn’t work on pets. It was a big issue that Durante had, actually. But there was a second hunter doing MDs. The more threat, the better.

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