Posted by: ihlos | October 14, 2009

What a long strange trip its been

A little over one year ago I started writing this blog. It developed naturally out of my involvement on the ptr and my love for pets, and of course a long time dream to use my pet as a tank. Over this time we have seen buff after buff to pet tanking, and only a few nerfs. Of course, the taunt nerf hurt alot though.

I have not been writing as much lately due a major change in my work schedule, mixed with normal business of life. And now, quite un-relate-ed-ly, (word-check?) my life is changing drastically. Alot has changed for me, and I intend to change even more of my life. One change is to put wow on the backburner permanently. I will still play, but in depth theorycrafting and writing are right out.

I have enjoyed my interactions with all of you, and I have enjoyed watching your interactions with each other. I am not going to kill the site or especially the forums, as I know they are useful to those who use it. If any of you who are more involved with the site are interested in writing articles for the site in my absence, shoot me an email. (But be patient, I’m not big on checking it lately)




  1. /bow

    Thanks for doing all that you’ve done. Your forums are truly unique — as is your advocacy. 😉

  2. Back in the young days of the WotLK beta I was fortunate enough to have a post on the PTR forums about tenacity pets responded to by you Ihlos, telling me about the new blog you had just made.

    Out of sheer luck you saw what I had written, and over the months your writing brought in many others and it has cultivated into a great little community. You’ve given us a place to support and encourage each other, share information, and polish our ideas and for that we all owe you a great debt.

  3. Your site has been on my favourites ever since I found it, and it is one of the pages I open habitually to check for anything new.

    Many thanks.

  4. You can thank BigRedKitty for first directing me to here, but after that it was your own theories and pages that left me interested in pet tanking. As you can see, thanks to the blog I’ve come a long way and hope to go longer. 😀

    I’m glad that you’re not taking the forums and blog down, but equally I understand the need to take a break. Everyone’s lives take different directions eventually, and RL should always come before WoW.

    I’m more than happy to offer some thoughts and updates, possibly articles, but when it comes to web formatting, I’m ignorant. So unfortunately I’d have to let someone else do that. 😦 But shout me up if you ever need something that doesn’t take HTML. 😀

  5. Thank you for bringing us all together under one roof. It was a lonely world before I met you.

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