Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | November 2, 2009

A New and Terrifying Adventure

Gorilladin SmallSo here I sit, staring at a strange new interface littered with buttons and toggles that I’ve never seen and mostly don’t understand.  Only once before have I ever written for an audience (a satirical article on professional eating competitions) and I’ve never written on, maintained, ect. any sort of web site.  So here now I run into a nexus where two difference types of incompetence and potential public embarrassment intersect.

As such, it’ll probably take a couple posts for me to get into stride both in terms of using the wordpress interface and in finding my own writing style, so I’d appreciate any ideally constructive feedback people have to offer in the upcoming weeks, hopefully without me destroying anything in the meantime.  Hopefully my first true post will be ready in a day or two.



  1. You may be new to the blogging thing, but you’ve always had good forum posts. Do your own thing and don’t feel compelled to post.

    One tip though: if you have a bunch of ideas, queue them up. Don’t blow them all in one day. 😉

  2. As a fellow blogger and being fairly new to wordpress, a few tips that I have are as follows:

    compose in HTML, and format in visual, it makes things cleaner.

    As a personal preference pictures and quotes help to break up walls of text. Find pictures that relate for the people that love to skim posts.

    Tags are great, they help you and your readers find relevant posts.

    I have no suggestions for writers block, it happens, you don’t have to have a blogging schedule if you don’t want.

  3. If you needs any help with wordpress, ive been working with it for the last year so im fairly familiar with how it all works. Took me some time to figure it all out, but it does get easier.

    As far as writing, just be yourself, people can always spot genuine writing or the lack thereof.

    Also, I agree on the pictures, you at least need the initial icon, and the more pics the better =)

  4. For the record, while I agree with the ‘pictures’ thing, I’m very fond of images being ‘related but not’. Stuff that’s amusing as well as informative. So definitely use images, and don’t be afraid to be a little silly with them at times. 😉

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