Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | November 11, 2009

O hai thar…

Key Icon The good folks at MMO champion have dug up the newest drool-worthy pet tanking item in the latest version of the PTR for patch 3.3


Key Tooltip


This little baby screams pet tank for three fantastic reasons.

1.  Best in slot for stamina.  Duh.

2.  It can be bought for Emblems of Frost, the new emblem for patch 3.3.

3.  If it does drop, no traditional tank worth their salt (except maybe bear druids) will want it.  And if they don’t want it we will happily move in to snatch it up.

For traditional tank the procs or on use abilities of a trinket are every bit as important as the passive stats it provides.   Absorbing 3200 damage on use is pretty terrible for a normal raid tank, just take the on use ability of Juggernaut’s Vitality for example.

Juggernaut's Vitality


Juggernaut’s adds nearly 2k more HP to the tank’s health pool than the Key absorbs, so its already better just in terms of the amount of HP that the ability saves or adds.  Then add to that the fact that that extra HP stays for the next 15 seconds to give healers that extra wiggle room, and Juggernaut’s is head and shoulders better than the Key.  Unlike normal tanks though, we don’t care about any of that.  Most tanking trinkets’ procs and on use abilities don’t provide any benefit for our pet, so moar stamina = moar better.

Now before we get too excited, the on use numbers are probably just place holders until they do some in house testing (it doesn’t even have a cooldown listed afterall), but it looks great so far.



  1. I was going through the list and saw that one too, we could even use the on use ability with deterrence for clutch taunts.

    It also looks like a lot of items have good chunks of Stam/AP/Armor on them, though I am not sure that one would sacrifice dps pieces by putting tank gems/enchants on them.

  2. [quote]though I am not sure that one would sacrifice dps pieces by putting tank gems/enchants on them.[/quote]

    Simple: DPS them out if they’re better than what you have, and then swap them for tank gems when you finally get better for straight DPS. I spare a lot of my armor from the ‘boom’ that way.

    Also, I would like to state for the record that, although the damage absorption seems poor, it will depend on just how often it can be used. Plus, I don’t know about when it comes to Icecrown, but high stamina trinkets are often viewed as ideal for tanks, good on-use or no. So while most tanks would rather get the Vitality, remember that actually *gteting* it isn’t going to be easy. Most tanks are going t obe upgrading from normal level runs, and that is a *massive* stamina boost. I wouldn’t count on us to get this key so fast and easy as that ,unfortunately.

  3. On a related note: I was wondering whether the “Glyph of Indomitability” is a worthwhile thing to look at?

  4. Not really, no. The armor is good, but IMO not enough would carry down to the pet to make it more worthwhile than a stamina trinket. If, indeed, it would carry down at all; I don’t know whether they do or not. And considering dodge doesn’t carry to the pet (yet, or in the foreseeable future), the ‘use’ is completely worthless.

    IMO, trinket-wise, go either stamina or TPS for now.

    YMMV, of course.

  5. Its actually closer than you or I realized Kurasu. I threw together a hypothetical raid tanking set then compared the effect that adding either the Glyph of Indomitability or a Brewfest charm (since that’s the trinket most of us would be replacing).

    In terms of effective health (if you’re not sure on what this is don’t worry, it’s the subject of the next article) the Brewfest charms came out ahead adding 4,711 effective health while the Glyph added 3,973, making the charm about 19% better for effective health.

    However, if you’re less concerned with heavy hits and more concerned with total damage, like you would be when soloing old content or with a healer who runs out of mana, the glyph provides comparable survivability with less healing required.

  6. Thanks for that Durante, I expected as much but was hoping for a bit more oomph on the glyph side.

    I have been trying to work out the armor formula for items but the post in theorycraft stumped me I must admit.

    Shouldn’t a given amount of armor on items result in a higher relative number for the pet, also when adding in the meta-gem? I know that the opposite is the case for enchants and such.

    I am glad you will be discussing these things in your next article, maybe it will clarify some of these things for me 🙂

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