Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | December 7, 2009

Recess is over.

There’s been a lack of writing on my part for the last couple weeks because I started a new job just a day or two after making my last post, but things have finally settled down enough for me to have some free time again. Even better is since I’m working again, I was able to reactivate my WoW account which I had canceled for the last month while I searched for a new job. Best of all is it all came just in time to play patch 3.3 when it comes out tomorrow.

My question to you good readers is have you ever suspended your account since you began playing and why? Also when the servers come back up tomorrow, what’s the first thing you plan on doing?



  1. I’ve had a fair few breaks from WoW; the reason for them quite varied From broken pc’s to the missus throwing a hissy fit because I’m not listening to her. I’ve also suffered my fair share of WoW-burnout over the years. Breaks usually last from 2 weeks to 4 months.

  2. I am very excited for the new dungeon/lfg system. That will be one of the first things to try when 3.3 is up in Europe πŸ™‚

  3. I actually took a long break before 3.2, pet tanking was the only reason I got signed up again :).

  4. Sitting in stv at the level cap (60) playing my rogue. I was so fed up with never being able to participate in end game i up and quit. Logged out right where i was standing and ragequit.

    That was back in the day where youd see this:

    LF7M UBRS no rogues.

    I could sit in IF for hours and not find a group. Needless to say endgame is alot more accessible these days.

    First thing after the patch im gonna run my alts through hours and hours of heroics and get them geared up.

  5. I once did suspend my account…for 5 days… I couldn’t wait any longer.
    I am weak. πŸ˜€

  6. I’ve never suspended my account, though I did have to go a couple days without due to payment issues.

    As for what I plan to do, the very, *very* first thing I plan to do is check all the notes, stack up Kura’s tanking gear, grab hold of one of my guildmates, and test out the new build’s threat generation. If all goes well, the *second* thing I will be doing is trying to get a group together who is willing to let me tank Vexaz.

    I’m a little nervous that my HP just won’t be able to keep up, since I haven’t got LW *or* JC on my main, but we will see how it goes.

  7. I never quit wow lol I wanted to a few times but in the 4.5 years of playing I never quit. Im looking forward to the new 5 man dungens my guildies and relife buddys are already calling me to make sure I get on lol.

  8. I quit for a few months earlier this year. It was a nice break from wow, I played Warhammer, and then got into Champions for a bit, I,m happy to be back, but I hope I can make it to the next expansion.

  9. My (main) WoW account is currently inactive– no money to resubscribe. Hoping for game cards for Christmas!

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